Nam Tae Hyun Drops Cover Of G-Dragon's 'Untitled 2014'

Former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun has released a cover of G-Dragon's "Untitled 2014" which he did with his new band South Club. It was arranged differently than the original and drew mixed reactions from netizens.

According to Soompi, Nam Tae Hyun's track was originally released via Soundcloud, one of the first covers of G-Dragon's emotional ballad. It comes as no surprise that the former WINNER main vocalist would quickly pay a homage to his hyung as he was one of the first to express excitement over the release of the BIGBANG leader's solo album even before it was out in the market.

Nam Tae Hyun's amazing vocal control was evident in his version of "Untitled 2014." South Club also used soft acoustic sounds to set the focus on the emotions of the song and the purity of the vocals.

Netizens who listened to Nam Tae Hyun's version seemed satisfied with his efforts and said that he did his hyung proud. Some fans recalled how much the former WINNER member looked up to G-Dragon while he was still with YG Entertainment.

It can be recalled that Nam Tae Hyun and YG Entertainment agreed to part ways last year citing the artist's need to recover from his mental health issues due to stress. A few months after, WINNER made their comeback as a four-member group to great success, churning out hit songs like "Really Really" and placing well on the charts.

"There are a lot of speculations but they are only speculations," Nam Tae Hyun explained about his decision to leave WINNER and YG. "I left after making a good compromise. We just had different paths to walk."

Nam Tae Hyun for his part, chose not to sign with any label but started South Buyers Club, his own label specifically to handle his new band South Club. The band recently released the MV for their first single "Hug Me" and is expected to release their full album soon.

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