Who Is The Best K-pop Idol? BTS, TWICE, G-Dragon & IU Ranked No. 1!

Entertainment agencies recently weighed in on who they thought among K-pop players and artists are the most influential in the market. Thirty-two agency reps participated in the survey entitled "The Power People of K-pop."

Among the CEOs who joined the survey are entertainment CEOs including YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk, JYP Entertainment CEO Jung Wook and Star Empire CEO Shin Joo Hak. YMC Entertainment CEO Cho Yoo Myung, TS Entertainment CEO Kim Tae Song also joined the survey, All Kpop reported.

Among the categories surveyed in The Power People of K-pop" are the hotly contested Best Boy Group, Best Girl Group, Best Producer and Best Solo Artist. Each of the participants were asked to write down their top three choices in which they gave three, two and one point for the top 3 choices.

For the Best Male Solo Artist, it came as no surprise that BIGBANG leader G-Dragon, who recently released his megahit solo comeback "Kwon Ji Yong" emerged as the top and unanimous choice. The Best Female Solo Artist was IU whose comeback album "Palette" also met huge success and easily achieved perfect all kill in the Korean charts.

It came as no surprise that BTS was ranked as Best K-pop Boy Band after group achieved a milestone win in the Billboard Music Awards with an amazing 300 million votes against superstars like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes. EXO, who recently celebrated their fifth anniversary and is gearing for a summer comeback, took second place. BIGBANG, even while on hiatus, snagged the third spot. SEVENTEEN came in at fourth place while Wanna One rounded up the Top 5.

For Best K-pop Girl Group, TWICE dominated the competition with 93 points, followed by GFRIEND with 25 points. BLACKPINK, Girls' Generation and Red Velvet were also among the top choices.

As for the Most Influential People of K-pop, SM 1. SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man, YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk and BTS took the top 3 spots. JYP Entertainment boss J.Y. Park and BIGBANG's G-Dragon also made it to the Top 5.

Every amazing act is supported by an equally amazing producer, and for this Big Hit Entertainment's Bang Si Hyuk understandably took the top spot for his handling of BTS. JYP Entertainment's J.Y. Park and SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man trailed the Big Hit boss, but the team of G-Dragon and The Black Label's Teddy from YG Entertainment were also credited for producing countless hits and a unique sound for their brand.

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