BTS Change Their Name & Official Logo?

BTS fans might have to get used to a couple of changes now that the group has decided to revamp a few things. In order to express their new found fame and connect closer to their fans, BTS have changed their current logo and meaning behind the 3 letter acronym to something new!

While there name in Korean, BangtanSonyeondan (방탄소년단) will still remain the same, there English name and meaning has changed to "Beyond The Scenes" instead of "Bullet Proof Boyscouts." The new logo can be seen down below.

The new logo is meant to represent that "BTS are protecting youth from violence and prejudice," according to their agency. The logo also represents that BTS and Armys are meeting together and approaching the same future through the same open door. Pretty deep, right? It should be as it took the rebranding over a year to develop. 

The new official logo and even name meaning will be found on all future merchandise and products the group sells. The new BI (Brand Identity) will also be used on official goods, online content platforms, albums, fan-related merchandise, and more.

Although some fans felt a little bit unwelcoming and uncomfortable with the new change, others are excited to see BTS truly acknowledging their relationship and close personal feelings to their fans, Army. What do you think about this new change? 



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