U.S. Ranks 8th On BBC News International Postitive Influence Poll, Only One Place Above China

The United States finished eighth in BBC International's Positive world Influence Poll, just one spot ahead of China and one spot behind Brazil. 

People around the world were asked whether they view a country's world influence as "mainly positive" or "mainly negative."

The choices were limited to just 16 countries and the EU (European Union).  

Germany was voted as the "most positive influence" in the world with Iran finishing last.

America received a 45 percent "mainly positive" rating and a 34 percent "mainly negative" rating in the poll about a country's influence on the world. 

The United States was just one spot ahead of our competitors in the East, with China finishing ninth in the poll, receiving a 42 percent "mainly positive" vote and  39 percent "mainly negative."

The top 5 country's ranked "mainly positive" were, in order: Germany, Canada, England, Japan, France. 

Last year, Japan was ranked the most positive influence in the world, but Germany beat them out this year. 

Other countries ranked higher than the United States as "mainly positive" influences, were the EU and Brazil. 

Germany received 59 percent mainly positive and just 15 percent "mainly negative."

Canada actually received less of a percentage of "mainly negative" than Germany, with only 13 percent feeling our Northern Neighbors had a negative influence on the world.

But Germany beat Canada in the "mainly positive" area by 4 percentage points. 

The bottom four countries were Israel, with only 21 percent positive and 52 negative, North Korea with 19 percent positive and 54 percent negative, Pakistan with only 15 percent positive and 55 percent negative. 

The most negative influence in the world, according to the poll was Iran with only 15 percent of respondents believing Iran had a positive influence on the world and 59 percent believing Iran has a negative influence.  

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