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Amazing Korean Brands People Never Tell You About!

By Edward Leary | June 22, 2018 11:14 AM EDT


It is time to change the way you think of Korean products and how you use them too! While the Hallyu Wave has already swept across other Asian countries, Korea's trendy products are becoming all the rage in the USA. KOS Allure is here to keep us up to date with what is trending and even start their own viral content by revealing Korea's most coveted brands.

Put the spicy rice cakes and choco-pies down K-fans, because it is time to get fabulous with Lotus Root Extracts and more! Currently, especially with the hot Summer heat descending upon us, Koreans are looking for the best way to keep their skin moisturized, refined and nourished. But just how does it work and what products do we need? While KOS Allure features various brands all in one spot, 'The Yeon' is the current powerhouse.

The Yeon's Lotus line includes the bubble exfoliator, serum and cream. The exfoliator comes out like a mousse which you massage into the skin and the dead skin cells roll right off, revealing clean skin. The serum is filled with moisture capsules inside. The capsules are formulated with ceramide and sunflower seed that build a protective barrier into your skin to keep your skin hydrated. The cream contains gelatinous spongy bubble textures to promote soft, dewy skin while preventing moisture loss.

The key factor of Lotus Root is that it also helps with brightening! The lotus extract is full of amino acids and vitamin C to maintain moisture and nourishment. It's hypoallergenic and contains shea butter and hyaluronic acids which are natural moisturizing factors that combat dark spots and uneven skin tones!

For newbies to the Korean beauty scene, KOS Allure maintains a selective amount of brands in order to deliver the right products to the right people - without overwhelming them with endless creams and cleansers claiming to do the same thing. Plus, the site is offering FREE shipping for orders over $35 to celebrate their grand opening promotion. Brands will come and go on the site which creates an interesting fluctuating atmosphere while providing new product opportunities for the beauty gurus out there. KOS Allure is currently sporting high-end brands such as The Yeon, A'Pieu, Benton, COSRX, Heimish, Huxley and Merbliss, offering fans multiple K-Beauty shopping experiences!

But don’t shop till you drop just yet - you can get personalized makeup tips and tricks from Korean beauty professionals! They also feature an amazing “How To Look Book” on their site so you can instantly see how idols and Koreans are rocking their latest makeup and beauty routines. KOS Allure focuses on providing exclusive tips and original ideas for makeup. Even tutorials will be available for specific product lines. So, how will you include KOS Allure into your yearly beauty routine? Let us know!

Don’t forget - if you’re a lover of K-Pop and attending KCON NY this year, KOS Allure will be exhibiting at KCON NY 2018 on June 23rd and the 24th. They will be featuring ‘The Yeon’s’ famous Lotus Line alongside some other amazing beauty products plus some fun K-Pop giveaways! Be sure to check them out here and share your favorite products with us.

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