Amazing Korean Brands People Never Tell You About!

Features 06.22.18 | 11:14AM EDT

Amazing Korean Brands People Never Tell You About!

whamisa toner

Best Korean Toners To Check Out

Fashion & Style 04.10.16 | 09:30AM EDT

Toners play an important role in the Korean skincare routine -- one that not a lot of Western beauty addicts understand. Figure out how toners can improve your skin here.

Rainbow's Woori, Jaekyung, and Seung Ah Are The Faces of Missha's Spring 2015 Collection

Best Korean Peeling Gels For When The Microbead Ban Goes Into Effect

Fashion & Style 02.01.16 | 12:44PM EST

U.S. consumers know that pretty soon, those microbeads that are awful for the environment but great for exfoliating are going to be banned. Fear not -- these peeling gels will do all the exfoliating you need without the harm of the beads.

Airplane skincare routine

The Best Skincare Routine For Airplane Travel, Featuring Tony Moly, Kiehl's, Hey Honey, Juice Beauty, Pond's

Trending News 11.09.15 | 07:30PM EST

Here are my favorite products for an effortless mid-fight skincare routine for airplane travel, just in time for the holidays.

B.A.P Skin Care with At-Home Masks

Revitalize Your Skin With These 8 Awesome Korean Mask Sheets

Fashion & Style 11.21.15 | 06:12PM EST

These super refreshing masks are finding fans across the world -- find your favorites now.

Girls Generation[SNSD] Yoona Attends 'Innisfree Play Green Festival 2014′

Best Korean Spot Treatments For Flawless Looking Skin

Fashion & Style 11.18.15 | 09:39AM EST

Get that nasty spot off of your face - the Korean way.

Dr. Jart+ Face Mask Review

K-Beauty Review: DR. JART+ Water-Full Hydrogel, Water Replenishment, Blackhead Master Masks

Trending News 09.22.15 | 01:10PM EDT

Dr. Jart+ is known for being a high-end K-Beauty brand, with face masks that promise to do a lot for nearly $10 a sheet. Here we review three of Dr. Jart's face masks and see which ones are worth your pretty penny, featuring the Water Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel Mask, the Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask, and the Blackhead Master Patch. Watch the video review below!

cucumber face mask

The 7 Best Korean Face Washes And Cleansers For Dry Skin

Features 09.26.15 | 05:54PM EDT

Don't worry, all you dry skinned people of the world - there are fantastic Korean face washes for you, too.


K-Pop Through The Eyes Of Industry Leaders: An Interview With SKINFOOD

Interviews 05.23.15 | 08:34PM EDT

Learn the philosphy behind one of Korea's most popular skincare lines -- and which kind of stars and people are wearing more and more makeup.


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