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A.C.E Talks Adventures, Emotions and More at K-EXPO 2018 [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

By Karen May Cunanan | October 11, 2018 11:31 AM EDT


Adventure Calling Emotions: Three words that fully encompass the goals and feelings that surround the South Korean boy group, A.C.E. After a fulfilling year of promotions, new singles, and an growing fanbase, (throw in a few survival reality shows in the mix...these boys were busy), A.C.E finally stepped foot in the USA for the first time to meet and perform for Choice, their loving fandom.

A.C.E garnered a great amount of attention prior to their debut through their various covers and busking performances on YouTube. In May of 2017, the five-member group debuted under Beat Interactive with their single "Cactus," an explosive, bass-hitting EDM sound with even more dynamic choreography. This debut coined them as the "male idols with hot pants," but through their powerful performances, stunning vocals, deep lyrics and all-around lovable personalities, A.C.E show that they are made up of so much more than what is just on the surface.

After the members recently participated in two separate survival reality shows, youngest member Chan took a hiatus from the group to promote with UNB while the remaining four members of A.C.E came back with their title-track "Take Me Higher" this past June. Now back as five members, they are more than ready to show the world how powerful they can be as a reunited group.

We sat down with Jun, Donghun, Wow, Byeongkwan, and Chan at the inaugural K-Expo 2018 at Melrose Ballroom in Queens, NY, and had the pleasure of getting to know more about them as individuals and as a group. 

Inspired by the titles of their songs from their most recent album, Adventures in Wonderland, we've curated questions that would hopefully call emotions and set us on an adventure to get to know A.C.E better.

Welcome to New York City! It's your first time in NYC as a group. How's your time here so far? Have you done anything exciting

Chan: Excellent!
Wow: We went shopping.
Byeongkwan: We've been in Soho buying clothes. And we went to Times Square.
Donghun: Steak!
Byeongkwan: Yeah, we ate T-Bone steaks.
Jun: We went to Hudson River Park too!

"Adventures in Wonderland" - If you could have an adventure in any fictional world, which world would it be?

Chan: Avengers|
Wow: Harry Potter
Byeongkwan: Lord of the Rings
Jun: Avatar
Donghun: Wonderland

"Cactus" - Cactuses are strong and don't break down easily. What are your favorite workouts or activities that give you strength?

Chan: Workout moves?
Byeongkwan: I don't know the exact name for it but you hang by your arms and go like this with your abs (acts out hanging leg lifts)
Chan: I love bowling and soccer.
Wow: I like cycling.
Byeongkwan: (gesturing at Wow) His thighs are enormous!
Jun: Swimming.
Donghun: Badminton!

"Callin'" - If you could call an artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

Jun: JB! Justin Bieber.
Donghun: Drake.
Everyone: DRAKE!
Byeongkwan: Zedd.
Wow: Post Malone.
Chan: Frank Ocean.

"5tar (Incompletion)" - What is something that you feel incomplete without?

Byeongkwan: Chan!
Donghun: That's right. Chan has joined us now.
Chan: Now that UNB is done [with our most recent promotions]. I took part in this group called UNB. But it's done now [and I'm back] so we're "Completion" now. I was gone during 5tar and Take Me Higher. I'm sad I couldn't be there for the promotions.

"Take Me Higher" - What is one thing you see that immediately makes you happy?

Chan: Our members.
Byeongkwan (at Chan): You FAKE!
Wow (at Chan): You liar.
Jun: Our fans.
Donghun: I feel happy since coming to New York.
Byeongkwan: Ah, I've also experienced that before. I went to Switzerland and we rode this cable car. And when we got off [at the top], as soon as I saw [the view], I was really in awe.
Jun: Last but not least, when we're performing and see our fans [in the crowd].
Chan: (teasingly) ...And yet you all only called me a liar.
Wow: Seeing the way Choice look at us [makes me happy].

"I Feel So Lucky (HCue Collab)" - We feel very lucky to be able to interview an amazing group such as A.C.E. If you had the chance to interview someone, who would it be and what would you ask?

Chan: Parents. Because my parents certainly have some feelings they have not been able to express to me, so it would be a chance to ask about their true feelings.
Byeongkwan: Choice, our fandom. And I would ask, "Do you love us forever?"

"Dessert" - Many people are obsessed with desserts and sweets. What is your current dessert obsession?

Chan: Ice Cream!
Donghun: Milkshakes.
Byeongkwan: Golden Kiwi Chiller. Do you know McDonalds? Golden Kiwi Chiller. It's really good.
Jun: It's a side menu.
Chan: In Korea. Not in the US.

"Black and Blue" - What are some words of support you say to each other when you are going through a difficult time?

Donghun: Don't be rash. I think this is the most valuable advice I give.
Chan: Compared to the older members, I'm still immature. So they themselves are the advice. By listening to what they say and watching what they do, they set an example for me and it's a big help to me. (gesturing at the members) My mentors.
Jun: As for me, my advice is "As much as we suffer now, we will be rewarded [for our efforts] later. So let's hang in there just a little bit longer."
Byeongkwan: For me it's, "Whatever happens, happens. You won't die because of it."

Besides your upcoming tour, do you have anything else planned for the year?

Byeongkwan: Tour is pretty much it.
Jun: We have a concert in Korea. And then as soon as that's over, we start our tour.
Byeongkwan: We're going to Japan, China, South America... All different places!

Do you have a message for Choice?

Jun: Firstly, we want to say we are thankful to all the Choice around the world.
Donghun: I love you, Choice.
Chan: Yes, perfect.
Byeongkwan: L-O-V-E!
Jun: Whether it's being able to go on tour or whatever we do, we want them to know it's really all thanks to Choice that we are able to do these things.

A.C.E will return not only to the U.S.A but to Latin America as well, departing on their To Be An ACE World Tour this fall. The tour kicks off in Buenos Aires on November 16 and ends in sunny Miami, Florida on December 11, coursing through multiple cities in between.

More information on their upcoming tour, including how to score tickets of your own, can be found here!

Translation and transcription by Joanne.

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