Is This The Beginning Of The End for Live Concerts As We Know Them?

By Staff Reporter | May 31, 2019 10:04 AM EDT


GOT7 is one of the most popular K-pop bands in Europe. The band had a world tour this year - it has started in Seoul in May and ended in Hong Kong in August. Unfortunately for their many British fans, the band hasn't stopped in London - Moscow, Berlin, and Paris were the only three major European cities where they performed live on stage. Soon, though, the disappointment of London-based K-pop fans might disappear - The Madison Square Garden Company’s Executive Chairman/CEO Jim Dolan and partner Irving Azoff are planning to build a brand new generation of an event venue, one that brings high-tech visuals and sounds and - why not - streamed concerts and events into the lives of Las Vegas and London residents.

There will be two such venues built: one mighty Sphere in Las Vegas and another one in London. They will change the skylines of their respective cities completely - they will be (as their name suggests) massive spheres or domes, 500 feet (around 150 meters) tall, covered in and out in high-definition LED spheres, giving it over 170,000 square feet (more than 15,500 square meters) of display space, completely programmable. This screen will be the "the largest and highest resolution on earth", over 100 times clearer than today's consumer display technology. On the outside, the Spheres will be able to display virtually anything, from a décor fit to the event inside to the event itself or even blend into the background completely. But it's the inside that will offer the truly magical realm of technology.

First and foremost, the dome will offer its visitors an innovative acoustic system using a technology called "beam-forming" to customize the sound heard by each and every attendee. Plus, the dome will have a so-called "infrasound haptic" floor, transmitting bass sound through the feet to each and every attendee, meaning that they will be not only able to hear but to actually feel the beat in their body. Imagine going to a concert and feeling the beat in your feet, making you dance - this will soon be possible in these innovative Spheres.

Dolan calls the Sphere "a new way of telling stories", much like the one described in Ray Bradbury's short story "The Veldt", where a children's playroom can be transformed in pretty much anything they want. What better way to show you what we've just described than to show you a short video presentation of the project:

And it won't just serve as a live concert venue - with its amazing technology, the Sphere will surely be able to handle projections and, why not, live streams of concerts from half a world away. Which means that, if all goes well, GOT7 fans will be able to enjoy their favorite band live without leaving London - and without the boys setting foot outside Seoul!


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