How to Dress up like your K-pop Idol?

By Staff Reporter | June 19, 2019 04:29 PM EDT

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Koreans have a unique way of styling, to create a new modern look out of something ordinary. K-pop style is a free-spirited fashion. They can wear sneakers in a cocktail dress. They have matching caps matched for every outfit and they can play with different colors. Here are some items found in your K-pop idol's closet.

1. Ripped Jeans

Koreans wear ripped jeans almost every day. They have no rules wearing ripped jeans but just pure confidence.

2. Dress over blouse

Korean women are quite reserved in the way they dress. In Korea, exposing shoulders and chest area is inappropriate. They wear a blouse under their dress not because they do not want to look sexy, but to look stylish.

3. Wear something Pastel

Koreans love Pastel colors. Light colors look fresh and easy on the eyes. It also has a cool aura.

4. Schoolgirl look

Koreans make wearing uniform-like clothing a modern everyday look. A mini skirt and a button down shirt, or a long-sleeved top are perfect for this look.

5. Hats

A hat is a must! They have various choices from: baseball caps, newsboy caps, beanies, berets, all of these can complement a nice outfit. 

6. Over-sized pull-overs

Yes, you heard it right! Koreans like to wear bigger sizes pull-overs. Koreans will always choose comfortable over sexy, and that's what makes Korean fashion awesome! Over-sized pull-overs are perfect for a casual look.

7. Feminine blouse

Koreans love laces and ruffles. This look adds a soft girly touch to jeans. You can still look "dressy" even though you are not wearing a dress.

8. Sportswear

Sweat pants and hoodies are go-to outfits worn in Korea. Streetwear and athleisure are parts of Korean fashion trends. Koreans often wear these comfortable clothes during travel.

9. Sneakers

K-pop style will never be complete without sneakers. Be it a dress or jeans, sneakers always add up a cool Korean factor. Go buy your sneakers now!

10. Casual blazers

Who said only men can wear suits? Korean women wear plaid or black blazers too. Blazers are paired with nice jeans to create a casual look. Style your way to the office!

11. Couple dressing

Koreans are so fashionable! Couples in Korea show how they are perfectly matched by wearing clothes with similar colors or style. Others may think this is too much but Koreans think this is sweet.

12. Layering

Koreans knows everything about mix and match. They can come out with a chic aura by layering whatever is in their closet. Do not be afraid to play around and try something new!


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