SBS Addresses TWICE's Inkigayo Controversy That Made ONCEs Infuriated

SBS Addresses TWICE's Inkigayo Controversy That Made ONCEs Infuriated
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TWICE previously faced some backlash about their singing abilities as people on social media were criticizing their latest encore performance. This escalated to an uproar for SBS's Inkigayo during TWICE's most recent encore performance.

A voice can be heard murmuring up a few words, "They're very bad at signing," close to the end of their show. Some netizens thought this was one of the muttering staff members.

SBS Addresses TWICE's Inkigayo Controversy That Made ONCEs Infuriated
(Photo : Twitter)

As expected, this remark made ONCEs upset at the music show and demanded official apologies regarding this issue. However, SBS stated that it was a huge misunderstanding with regard to their apology and justification.

The statement reads:

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who's been supporting the K-pop channel on SBS. We would also like to describe in detail the allegations against us that an SBS K-pop personnel has been disrespectful to TWICE throughout their encore stage today.

Long story short, it's a simple misunderstanding. That being said, we would like to apologize profusely for posting the video without having to sort the intertwining audio and ending up causing major problems.

To make you grasp why the audio has overlapped, we'd like to clarify how the live presentations of Inkigayo are transmitted.

We are still unable to predict the end-time with both the show being live. So, we're attempting to leave more than enough wiggle room for an encore performance.

Whilst in the studio, the encore performance continues as long as necessary - as it is a wonderful moment for artists and fans. The show is breaking off mid-performance on the broadcast to air the previews and advertisements." 

SBS went on to discuss how, even before the show starts, audio has always been played.

"Inkigayo remains in the production room while seeing the opening credits play and recording the show. This implies that even though the artists leave the stage, the studio workers are aware that the program is still on the air.

The PA is still playing the audio, which is being telecast. You may understand this if you've ever been a live broadcasting studio - the screens are displaying video and audio as soon as 10 minutes until the performances start.

Now that we have clarified the context, the audio that produced this uproar will be clarified.

It later turned out the alleged muttering heard was from an advertisement, not a member of staff. In fact, the audio isn't from a staff member. It's part of the commercial scripts for a shopping software.

The line says, 'Completing my elegant image.' That specific ad campaign began to air as quickly as TWICE got off stage.

The audio started playing through the PA in the studio, too. The timing happened to catch the script of the advertisement, without even any music in the background being interpreted. We have clarified everything else in the text. However, if you watch the clip, it will make much more sense."

SBS finished the statement by delivering another apology for TWICE and fans for the confusion.

"We fully understand that any unwarranted judgment can be disturbing towards the artists that you support. We know the conflict erupted out of that passion.

Thus, we sincerely apologize again for not being able to avoid such misinterpretations in the first place. At SBS K-pop, we feel exactly the same way the united supporters do.

We are really sorry for the TWICE fans who did feel frustrated about this, although it was a miscommunication. We also apologize to members of TWICE and the company who may have been increasingly worried about the angry fans."



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