Here are Little Known Facts About The 23 "I-LAND" Trainees

Here are Little Known Facts About The 23 "I-LAND" Trainees
(Photo : Mnet)

On June 26, the 23 trainees participating on the Mnet survival show "I-LAND" will finally be making their first apperance. Big Hit Entertainment and Mnet are slowly revealing more and more about the boys, though some things are still mysterious about these trainees.

Here are some little known facts about them!

1. Jake

Here are Little Known Facts About The 23
(Photo : Mnet)

Jake is one of the show's international trainees, and hails from Australia!

2. Sunghoon

(Photo : Instiz)

Prior to pursuing a career in the music industry, he was a professional figure skater. He even has a Wikipedia page about his figure skating career!

sunghoon figure skater
(Photo : Instiz)

3. Sunwoo

(Photo : One Step Korea)

Sunwoo received many love letters from his classmates due to his outstanding visuals. Because of that, he received many nicknames talking about his popularity. One of the known ones are "3rd Semester Class 4 Handsome Oppa."

4. Hanbin

(Photo : Weverseev)

Hanbin's favorite animated charcter is Aladin and his favorite food is grilled pork belly, also known as samgyeopsal.

5. Kyungmin

(Photo : Weverse)

When she show begings, fans can't help but give affectionate nicknames to their favorite trainees. Kyungmin revealed he wants his nickname to be "hamster"!

6. Jungwon

(Photo : Weverse)

His role model is BTS's maknae Jungkook. If he debuts through this survival show, he will end up being labelmates with him!

7. Ta-ki

(Photo : Weverse)

Ta-ki said that if he could listen to only one song for the rest of his life, it would be BTS's "Blood, Sweat & Tears."

8. Taeyong

taeyong i-land
(Photo : Weverse)

Taeyong chose the song "The Dream of a Freshwater Eel" by K.Will as the song that represents him the most.

9. Jaeho

(Photo : Weverse)

Jaehwo went to school and was classmates with ITZY's Ryujin!

ryujin jaeho
(Photo : Twitter)

10. Seon

(Photo : Weverse)

Seon is the trainee who trained the longest. He trained for four years and ten months!

11. Ni-ki

(Photo : Weverse)

Ni-ki might only be 14 but he has high hopes for the future! By the time he's 24, he wants to be on the Billboard stage.

12. Heesung

(Photo : Instiz)

Heesung went viral with fans over his glow-up! He was already handsome to begin with but he blossomed into the man he is now.

heesung pre debut
(Photo : Instiz)

13. Daniel

(Photo : Weverse)

Daniel says that his role model is Block B's Zico. Coincidentally, Zico is part of I-LAND as the "genius producer".

14. K

He is the only trainee on the show with a one-letter stage name.

15. Jay

(Photo : Weverse)

Jay revealed on his profile that his most prized possesion is a watch that was given to him by his father

16. Geonu

(Photo : Weverse)

Geonu said that if were to be any main character from a movie, he would want to be Katniss from the The Hunger Games. He has also released pre-debut dance cover videos of songs by NCT, BTS, and more.

17.  EJ

(Photo : One Seoul)

He used to be a fencer as a child. Maybe one day, he will be similar to GOT7's Jackson, who is a fencer-turned-idol! 

ej fencing
(Photo : Twitter)

18. Jimin

jimin i-land 1
(Photo : Twitter)

Jimin said if he was a wizard, he'd want to use his magic powers to make money.

19. Jaebeom

(Photo : Instiz)

Jaebeom is close friends with a former Mnet survival show contestant, Kim Dong Bin. Kim Dong Bin appeared on Produce 101 Season 2.

jaeobeom dongbin
(Photo : Instiz)

20. Nicholas

nicholas i-land
(Photo : Weverse)

Similar to Heesung, he became popular with fans for his impressive glow up!

nicholas predebut
(Photo : Twitter)

21. Yoonwon

(Photo : We)

Yoonwon was part of a dance team in Daegu.

22. Youngbin

(Photo : Weverse)

Youngbin has stated that he looks up to K-Pop veteran Rain. Rain is also part of the show "I-LAND" as the "Global Artist Producer."

23. Sungchul

(Photo : Weverse)

Sungchul's favorite ice cream flavor is green tea.

Who is your favorite trainee?

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