5 K-Pop Idol Controversies That Have Ruined The Entire Group's Image

The consequence of a member's controversy might be ruining the entire group's image. This happened to some K-pop groups that succumbed to disgrace after a single member got involve in either a gossip or issues. Worst is when some chose to disband as their activities were greatly affected.

Let's take a look at 8 of these K-pop idol controversies now.

Taeyong of NCT and SuperM

NCT Taeyong
(Photo : Thank You - Only For NCT Taeyong)

Who wouldn't recognize Taeyong of NCT and SM Entertainment's new group Super M? Aside from his undeniable talent, he is impressively great when it comes to showing off his charisma. However, when the bullying controversy came out, a lot of fans were dismayed about it. Although he cleared this issue, part of the damage that was done is on NCT's name.

Hwayoung, formerly of T-ARA

Hwayoung (formerly of T-ARA)
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Another bullying scandal inside the circle of a group that caused disgrace to the entire group is when fans believed that Hwayoung is greatly bullied by her co-members. Thus, this lead to the disbandment of the girl group. Eventually, the turn of events came in when  it was revealed that she was not actually bullied but the damaged has been done.

Dahee, formerly of GLAM

Dahee (formerly of GLAM)
(Photo : K-Pop Girl Groups 101)

Dahee's blackmailing scandal not only ruined her name, career and ending into sentencing her; but, GLAM had to disband because of the bad reputation they received. Dahee and another celebrity, Lee Ji Yeon were punished for blackmailing another actor, Lee Byung Hun.

Nancy of Momoland

MOMOLAND Nancy's Ideal Type of a Partner Revealed
(Photo : bnt magazine)

The 'glaring,' issue of Nancy towards BLACKPINK made Momoland received massive hate. Although a lot are defending Nancy for such an action, knowing that BLACKPINK has a strong fandom, the other girl group had to face multitudes of backlash.

Seungri, formerly of BIG BANG

Fan Plus Rejects BIGBANG Subway Advertisment Drafts That Include Seungri
(Photo : The Strait Times)

Seungri's "Burning Sun" scandal dragged him to defaming not just him, but his iconic group as well. However, since the other members have carved great names in the industry, it was not easy for BIG BANG to give up. Still, VIPs are longing for their official comeback as the boys have been in a long hiatus since their last comeback.

K-pop groups and even celebrities live public lives which are subject to the eyes and the approval of the people. They must project a clean reputation as they are not only looked up to by adults, but, the young generations as well. 

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