'I-LAND' Spin-Off 'ENHYPEN & Hi' Launches on Rakuten Viki

South Korean survival reality show, "I-LAND," has spawned its own spin-off titled "ENHYPEN & Hi" on the streaming platform Rakuten Viki, with its premiere episode airing last Nov. 11.

Engenes, the official fandom for the K-Pop group ENHYPEN, are in for a treat as the seven-piece boy group returns to the streaming service as they move toward dominating the global music scene. In the recent conclusion of "I-LAND" last September, the show announced its seven winners who would debut soon as ENHYPEN. Six of the members were chosen through their global rankings across the show, while the seventh member comes from the producer's choice.

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The final lineup included Yang Jung Won (Jungwon), Lee Hee Seung (Heeseung), Jay Park/ Park Jong Seong (Jay), Jake Sim/ Sim Jae Yun (Jake), Kim Sun Oo (Sunoo), Nishimura Riki (Ni-ki), and former figure skater Park Sung Hoon (Sunghoon). They debuted as ENHYPEN under the BE:LIFT Lab, which is the joint label formed by CJ E&M Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment. The newly-formed group is technically under the same talent management agency as hit idol groups TXT and BTS.

"They are on the road to becoming global superstars... But before they take their bow as a bona fide K-pop group in their own right, they must hone their skills and prepare for the limelight," the show's description on its Rakuten Viki page reads.

Surviving on an "I-LAND" Toward K-Pop Stardom

The hit reality series concept is to have 22 trainees transported to the titular "I-LAND" (read as Island). The complex, blanketed by thick forests, was complete with living spaces, gyms, music, and dance studios. However, only 12 out of the 22 participants get to stay in the fully-equipped area at any time. Others are left at the "Grounds," which is a dramatically simpler training complex. Both sections are adjoined by a dance studio and the dining area.

Actor-director Namkoong Miin (host, "Music Bank"; lead role, "Doctor Prisoner") served as the primary host and provided commentating and narration to the challenges. A three-person panel of judges evaluates participants - all being prominent K-Pop personalities. The lineup includes Big Hit Entertainment founder and CEO Bang Si-hyuk, singer-actor Rain, and rapper Zico. Rain and Zico also served as mentors to the participants.

The series also saw several guest appearances from K-Pop idols and Korean celebrities, including Momoland's JooE, Apink's Kim Nam-joo, TV personality, and singer Kwanghee, TV host Shin A-young, and ENHYPEN's labelmates BTS and TXT.

About Rakuten Viki

Both "I-LAND" and its new spin-off "ENHYPEN&Hi" are available for fans everywhere through Rakuten Viki. Audiences can watch for free (with advertisements) or avail of tiered subscription plans: Standard plans start at $4.99, while the Plus Pass starts at $9.99 per month.

Rakuten Viki is a Singaporean startup based in the United States, with its headquarters in San Mateo, California. As an international video streaming service, it has offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, and Seoul, South Korea. Viki traces its origins to founders Razmig Hovaghimian, Jiwon Moon, and Changseong Ho in 2007, moving to Singapore the following year to enjoy the government support for startups and its strategic location.

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Rakuten Viki is now available online and through dedicated apps for both iOS and Android users.

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