2020 MAMA Slammed for Making Idols Wait in Parking Lot But Giving Actors Waiting Rooms

The 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is under fire for suspected discrimination between actors and idols. Keep on reading to learn more about the situation.

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On Monday, Dec. 7, various users on online community forums raised concern over discrimination among those attending the Mnet Asian Music Awards. In particular, a post by a user on Dmitory went viral after revealing that the idols attending the show were not given waiting rooms and were instead forced to wait in the parking lot.

Fansites and fans of idols had waited by the venue and were apparently shocked to find idols waiting inside of their cars to be called if they were to perform or wait for an award. The user then uploaded photos of idols waiting outside their car while waiting rooms were provided by actors.

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Another user, who also claimed the same allegations, shared photos of different celebrities waiting during the awards ceremony. In the photos, actors and actresses were seen waiting for their respective awards inside waiting rooms. Some were even seen meeting one another and taking pictures together. On the other hand, photos of idols wearing padded jackets in the parking lot or having their make-up retouched in their cars were shared.

Photos of the actors' waiting rooms were taken from the actors' social media themselves, with many sharing photos to their Instagram stories. In particular, actors Park Ha Sun, Jung Kyung Ho, and Lim Soojung were taken as proof. The photos of Park Ha Sun show that each actor's name was placed for their respective waiting room, with curtains provided for extra privacy.

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However, photos of idols waiting in their car or standing outside continue to make their rounds. Notably, SEVENTEEN member Jun shared a photo of him waiting inside a car during the awards ceremony to the group's Twitter account. GOT7 member Youngjae also shared a photo of him waiting inside his car onto his personal Instagram account.

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Many people are slamming the Mnet Asian Music Awards for this, and pointed out how the ceremony is meant to celebrate musicians, singers, and idols and that they make money from these idols, yet they openly discriminate against them. People also pointed out that people who had to perform or those who had numerous awards could have possibly kept having to go up to the venue then back to the parking lot, meaning they must have been tired during the ceremony.

As of press time, Mnet has not released a statement on the matter.

On Sunday, Dec. 6, the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony was held with the them "NEW-TOPIA". For this year's ceremony, the event was held as "untact", meaning there was no face-to-face interaction and there was no live audience in attendance. Instead, fans could watch through live stream. The event was hosted by actor Song Joong Ki. This is the 22nd ceremony in MAMA history.

BTS made headlines in the ceremony for sweeping all four Daesangs two years in a row. The boys not only won all four Daesangs, but they also won four other awards and won in each category they were nominated four. All in all, BTS won eight awards that night.

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