Baekhyun, IU, and More: Famous Hong Kong Publication Drops Their ‘Best K-Pop Solo Singles in 2020’ List

Baekhyun, IU, and More: Famous Hong Kong Publication Drops Their ‘Best K-Pop Solo Singles in 2020’ List
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On Tuesday, Dec. 22, the South China Morning Post (SCMP) released their list of "The Best K-Pop Solo Singles in 2020." Keep on reading to see which solo tracks were able to make their rankings.

While K-pop is usually known for the industry's innovative and multitalented idol groups, solo artists saw an increasing rise in recent years, with more soloists debuting each year. This year, Soloists showed their immense versatility, releasing stand-out songs that will most likely remain popular until the next year. The publication released their best solo songs that were released this year to remember these amazing artists in alphabetical order.

The first song on the list is "ALIEN" by Lee Suhyun, who is also a member of the sibling duo AKMU. The song is Suhyun's solo debut track and is unique to her work with AKMU. While AKMU heavily focuses on vocals, "ALIEN" is a fun, dance-track song that shows her singing and dancing ability.

"Candy" by Baekhyun, who is also a member of EXO and SuperM, was also included in the list. The singer stuck with the R&B genre he debuted with but pleasantly surprised fans with a more playful and bright take on it. The song's upbeat melody perfectly compliments Baekhyun's sweet and smooth tone and is as sweet as him.

The next song mentioned is "Chocolate" by Changmin (also known as Max), who is also a member of TVXQ. The track is a funk-inspired song that gives the idol a chance to showcase his impressive high notes, and also experiment with fun tonal shifts. The song is widely different from the ballads or electropop dance tracks that TVXQ is known for, but fans love it all the same.

"Eight (Prod. and Feat. SUGA of BTS)" by IU was also included in the list, and the female singer was the first soloist named that is not part of an idol group. The air pop ballad talks about the feeling of nostalgia. Both IU and Suga wrote the lyrics, which depict the feelings of being 28 years old.

Fresh out off of YG Entertainment, Lee Hi's "Holo" was the next song included in the list. The song marks a new start for the song, who released "Holo" as her first song under AOMG. Lee Hi's breathy tone matched with the uplighting back chorus perfectly comforts those who feel lonely. It is reassuring and inspiring, much like Lee Hi's new beginnings.

Taemin's "Criminal" is another solo song included in the list. While his work with SHINee is usually known for being innovative and unique, Taemin, as a soloist, is known for his dramatic and dark performances. The song perfectly shows everything Taemin has to offer. It's enticing, seductive, and even teasing, almost as if it has something to hide. "Criminal" will definitely have you hooked and addicted to Taemin.

WOODZ's (also known as Cho Seungyoun) solo song "Love Me Harder" was also added to the list. The song was praised as a groovy pop song that perfectly flaunts everything WOODZ has to offer. The confidence and addictive song set him apart from all of the other soloists the debuted this year.

The mystical "pporappippam" by Sunmi was also named as one of the best K-pop solo songs of the year. The disco-infused track goes back and forth between soft and sweet, commanding people's attention with its bright chorus. The song perfectly lifts people with its addictive melody.

Another iconic solo release this year is Chungha's "Stay Tonight". The verses are tantalizing soft before it bursts into an explosive chorus, only to drop to a funky and groovy dance break. Despite the difficulty of this year, Chungha still made us feel like dancing.

The last song mentioned on SCMP's list is "WINTER FLOWER (feat. RM of BTS)" by YOUNHA. This powerful pop track comforts its listeners. As YOUNGHA belts out her chorus, we heard the words "hold on" in the backtrack. RM's verse talks about how people struggle with life, but that winter will soon bloom to a new season.

Which solo release from this year was your favorite?

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