GOT7 Mark Shares New 'One in a Million' Pre-Save Link after First One Broke Due to Popular Demand

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GOT7's Mark is scheduled to release a collaboration song with Sanjoy in February, and the idol has recently shared a pre-save link to fans. However, a few days after the link got broken due to popular demand.

On Jan. 21, GOT7 Mark uploaded the first video for his YouTube channel to celebrate after hitting the one-million mark of subscribers. He also revealed that he has collaborated with Sanjoy, an American musician and EDM producer, for a new song titled "One in a Million." In the description of the video is the pre-save link of the track, which will notify fans once it has been officially released.


Since the collaboration song, "One in a Million," will be GOT7 Mark's first release following his departure from JYP Entertainment, GOT7 fans also called AHGASEs are excited to hear the new track. The new single will also be his first release after more than a year since his first Chinese single "Outta My Head" in January 2020. Because of too much excitement, fans unexpectedly broke the pre-save link just a few days after the male idol shared it.

On Jan. 23, GOT7 Mark made a post on his personal SNS accounts. In the post, he uploaded a photo that shows, "One in a Million, Available February 12. Due to popular demand, this pre-save is no longer available." Together with the picture is a caption that says, "You guys broke the link...??" Two days later, the rapper took to its personal Twitter account to share a new pre-save link for his upcoming collaboration song with Sanjoy. Some fans hilariously commented on the post that they can't promise the new link will not get broken as well.

GOT7 Mark Teases His New Song "One in a Million"

On July 11, 2020, GOT7 Mark first hinted at a new single when he uploaded a short part of a never-before-heard track to his personal Instagram account. Since it was the first time the idol revealed it, the post gained 1.5 million views and 1.7 million likes.

The second time he teased the new single is in early October when he had an Instagram live in which he shared to the fans that he is working on a new song. He even let them hear the chorus part of the song, making fans anticipate its official release. Even Sanjoy teased on the collaboration when he shared a few photos of himself alongside GOT7 Mark with a hashtag, "#comingsoon," via his personal Instagram account in early September.

GOT7 Mark's Releases Prior to "One in a Million"

After Mark Tuan debuted as a GOT7 member in January 2014, he launched solo tracks aside from the songs of the boy group. In September 2018, he dropped his first Korean solo song titled "OMW," which features his bandmate, Jackson. In January 2020, he released his first Chinese single titled "Outta My Head," which marked his official debut as a solo artist.

Meanwhile, GOT7 Mark's upcoming collaboration song "One in a Million" with Sanjoy is set to be out on Feb. 12, so don't miss it!

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