Dreamcatcher, Stray Kids, and More: Winners of the 10th Annual Reddit K-Pop Awards Released

On Sunday, Jan. 31, Reddit K-Pop released the results of their annual K-pop awards. Keep on reading to learn who snagged some awards.

What is Reddit K-Pop?

Reddit K-Pop is a sub-Reddit for K-pop fans. It is often used by K-pop fans to update each other on comebacks and new activities, while some K-pop acts, such as f(x)'s Amber, MAMAMOO, THE BOYZ, P1HARMONY, CNBLUE, and THE BOYZ, have used the platform to host "Ask Me Anything" or "AMAs," where fans can send in questions and they will answer.

What is the Annual Reddit K-Pop Awards?

The Annual Reddit K-Pop Awards is a fan-voted event, with the moderators of the Reddit taking into consideration all of the votes and crowning a winner. Volunteers also help the moderators with things like graphics.

The winners of the 10th Annual Reddit K-Pop Awards are as follows:

Album of the Year (2020): Dreamcatcher - "Dystopia: The Tree of Language"

Song of the Year (2020): Dreamcatcher - "BOCA"

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B-Side of the Year (2020): Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI - "Naughty"

Music Video of the Year (2020): Stray Kids - "God's Menu"

Producer of the Year (2020): Leez and ollounder

Best Foreign Language Song (2020): LOONA - "Star"

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OST Song of the Year (2020): Gaho - "Star Over" (for "Itaewon Class")

Best Album Cover Art (2020): Dreamcatcher - "Dystopia: The Tree of Language"

Best Teaser (2020): LOONA - #3 (Album Teaser)

Best Song Cover (2020): Dreamcatcher Sua, Siyeon, Yoohyeon - "Oh My! (orig. SEVENTEEN)"

Best Collaboration (2020): IU - "eight (Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS)"

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ABest Female Soloist (2020): Chung Ha

Best Male Soloist (2020): Taemin

Best Female Duo/Group (2020): Dreamcatcher

Best Male Duo/Group (2020): Stray Kids

Best New Artist (2020) - Soloist: Siyeon

Best New Aritst (2020) - Female Duo/Group: aespa

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Best New Artist (2020) - Male Duo/Group: TREASURE

Best Live Performance (2020): TWICE - "CRY FOR ME" @ MAMA 2020 (201206)

Best Live Vocal Performance (2020) - Solo: Siyeon - "PARADISE" @ Idol Radio (200204)

Best Live Vocal Performance (2020) - Duo/Group: Dreamcatcher - "Break the Wall" @ Showcase (200817)

Best Choreography (2020) - Solo: Taemin - "Criminal"

Best Choreography (2020) - Female Duo/Group: Red Vevet - IRENE & SEULGI - "Naughty"

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Best Choreography (2020) - Male Duo/Group: Stray Kids - "God's Menu"

Best Ballad Song (2020) - Solo: Siyeon - "Paradise"

Best Ballad Song (2020) - Duo/Group - DAY6 - "Afraid"

Best Rock Artist (2020): Dreamcatcher

Best Rock Song (2020): Dreamcatcher - "Scream"

Best Rap Artist (2020): Jessi

Best Rap Song (2020): Zico - "Any Song"

Best R&B Artist (2020): Taeyeon

Best R&B Song (2020): Taeyeon - "What Do I Call You?"

Congratulations to all the winners!

Did your bias manage to win an award? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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