TWICE, Red Velvet, LOONA, and More: Forbes Names the 'Girl Groups that Could Break in America' this 2021

As K-pop acts such as BTS, SuperM, Psy break into the U.S. market, Forbes named five K-pop girl groups who have the great potential to do well in America as well.

BLACKPINK, MONSTA X, and NCT, are some of the K-pop groups that enjoy favorable feedback from the West, especially when it comes to sales and music charts.

On Feb. 2, Forbes, an American business magazine, listed the "K-pop Girl Groups that Could Break in America this 2021." The article highlights the major achievements of these groups, proving that with a little bit of push, they will surely do well in the region if they will enter the American market, too.

TWICE, Red Velvet, LOONA, and More: Which K-pop Girl Groups Will Break into America This 2021?

orbes mentioned five girl groups, and the first one to be listed is ITZY. In 2020, the JYP Entertainment artist kicked off with a house hip hop/bubblegum-pop track "Wannabe." The business magazine pointed out how the rookie, who only debuted in 2019, broke in the Canadian "Hot 100."

With their power to top North America, it is expected that they can also capture the interest of the South.

Following ITZY is their senior sister group, TWICE. In 2020, the nonet was able to enter Billboard 200 with their tracks "More and More" and their full-length album, "Eyes Wide Open," ranking No. 200, and No. 72, respectively.

Forbes emphasized that their rising rankings are a good sign that they can rank even more with their next release.

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LOONA has been gaining traction from international audiences since debut. When they launched their third ep, "12:00," it immediately rose to No. 112.

Forbes also noted how LOONA became the sixth K-pop act to enter Billboard "Pop Airplay" Chart in history.

(G)I-DLE, which is commended for being a self-producing group, released released "HWAA," the lead track of their album "I burn." The album claimed the No. 8 spot for "World Digital Song Sales Chart."


Last but definitely not least is Red Velvet, a five-piece outfit under SM Entertainment. The publication accentuated their records for Billboard since 2014.

Their steady rankings in the "World Digital Song Sales Chart" is a huge indication of their positive reaction from U.S. audiences.

This 2021, it is expected that they will do greater with their upcoming album because aside from putting an end to their hiatus, their return will mark also Wendy's comeback since stage accident.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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