JYP Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding School Bullying Allegations against ITZY Lia

[Trigger Warning/Content Warning: Bullying, School Violence]

Recently, a 00-liner girl group member is accused of being a school bully, with some claiming it is ITZY Lia. The accusations, of course, have reached JYP Entertainment and now the company has released its official stance.

00-liner Girl Group Member Allegedly Committed School Violence

Amidst the many school bullying controversies taking place in the entertainment industry of South Korea, another revelation has risen and this time it involves a 2000-born girl group member, whose identity was left a mystery.

On Feb. 22, an exclusive report issued by the Korean media outlet OSEN talked about a popular post from an online community titled "an idol member born in 2000 who is a perpetrator of school violence."

According to the report, the accuser said that the school bully she knows made her debut about two to three years ago. Additionally, the female idol is said to have a sharp shoulder angle.

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The anonymous person went on to claim that the current female idol verbally abused her with sexual words after finding out that she was in a relationship with her close guy friend. And although the alleged bullying victim broke up with her boyfriend, she still experienced verbal and physical bullying from the 00-liner girl group member.

To prove her claims, the netizen uploaded a graduation album of Gokban Middle School, revealing that the female idol attended this school. Since the K-pop star is left unnamed and considering the details that the accuser provided, some people claimed the person being referred to is ITZY Lia.

JYP Entertainment Issues Statement about the School Bullying Allegations against ITZY Lia

Following the accusations, JYP Entertainment, ITZY Lia's management agency, quickly addressed the issue.

In an official statement, the company stated, "This case is an ongoing investigation after we sued the writer last year for defamation and spreading of false information. We would like to inform you that we are still waiting for the results, according to the legal procedure."

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The label continued, "The content is completely false and we are planning to take strong legal action against malicious posts, false rumors, and other content aimed at ruining the reputation and image of our artists, as well as hinder their activities. We will be strengthening our legal response measures accordingly."


ITZY Lia Becomes Second JYP Artist to be Accused of School Bullying

ITZY Lia now becomes the second artist under JYP Entertainment to be accused of being a school bully, following Stray Kids Hyunjun. The male idol was claimed to have bullied his fellow students in group chats, made rude and sexually unfitting statements, and insulted other people's families.

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Like on ITZY Lia's case, JYP Entertainment also responded to the claims against Stray Kids Hyunjin, saying that after looking into the issue, the company confirmed that the accusations were made with malicious intent. Hence, they will also be taking legal action.

After his school bullying allegations, Stray Kids Hyunjin was absent from the boy group's performance at MBN's event Y Forum 2021, which was held online on Feb. 24. According to JYP, "going forward with his schedules at present is not plausible, so he did not perform."  

The singer's schedules will be determined according to the state of affairs.

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