These are All The K-Pop Idols Accused of Being School Bullies... for Now

[Trigger Warning/Content Warning: Mentions of Bullying, School Violence]

With the sudden rise of school bullying cases among idols, it may be difficult to keep track of what is happening. These are all of the idols who have been accused of being school bullies as of Feb. 24.

1. BLACKPINK's Jennie

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Jennie's school bullying rumors resurfaced after a YouTube channel named "Garo Sero Institute" shared a new video concerning Jo Byeong Gyu's school bullying rumors as a New Zealand student. Despite the video focusing on the actor's rumors, they mentioned Jennie as someone who comes to mind at the mention of New Zealand school violence.

Before Jennie's debut, she was accused of bullying her peers and underage drinking. In response, her friends and classmates from New Zealand defended the idol by saying she was a kind and bright student.

2. (G)I-DLE's Soojin

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A user accused Soojin on Instagram of hitting the user's sister and her sister's friends and using group chats to instigate bullying. She also went on to accuse Soojin of underage drinking, smoking, stealing other people's uniforms, and pocketing other people's money. Soojin was also accused of hanging around older guys who rode motorcycles. Another user claimed Soojin would go to school "smelling like cigarettes."

CUBE Entertainment denied the rumors, saying that the rumors were made after Soojn and the user's sister got into an argument over the phone. Soon after the rumors and CUBE Entertainment' statement went viral, actress Seo Shin Ae, who was classmates with Soojin, made cryptic posts to her Instagram, which is speculated to be about Soojin bullying her. Since then, testimonies have come out claiming Soojin bullied Seo Shin Ae.

Soojin released a letter to the UCUBE application, saying that she had smoked during her youth out of curiosity and that she did not dress appropriately. However, she refuted all other claims.

3. Kim Sohye (former I.O.I)

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Kim Sohye was accused of being physically violent with a classmate. The user who made the post against her said she witnessed Kim Sohye grabbing the victim's hair, forcing her on her knees, and proceeding to hit her. According to the user, Sohye did so because the victim was on her phone and not listening to what Sohye said.

Kim Sohye has denied all claims and threatened legal action against the poster and the spread of malicious comments.

4. Stray Kids' Hyunjin

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On Feb. 22, Hyunjin was accused of bullying his classmates. He would insult people and their families, make sexually inappropriate and harassing insults, and say abusive things to his friends. Allegedly, Hyunjin would fight people to the point where he would want to hit them. He would also bully people through the use of group chats.

JYP Entertainment released a statement saying the rumors against Hyunjin have discrepancies and was made with malicious intent. They are pursuing legal action against the rumors.

5. THE BOYZ's Sunwoo

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Sunwoo was accused of making sexually inappropriate jokes and jokes involving the families of his peers. He was also accused of abusing a girl he dated, with the original poster claiming Sunwoo assaulted the girl, and she had to attend school covered in bruises. He was also accused of hanging out with other bullies, smoking, and drinking underage.

Cre.Ker Entertainment released a statement saying that the rumors were fabricated and they are pursuing legal action.

6. LOONA's Chuu

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Chuu was accused of hanging out with bullies and isolating people they did not like. According to one user, Chuu made a girl lose all her friends because she did not like her. She also claimed that Chuu added her to a group chat, in which she cursed and threatened her. The user also accused Chuu of cursing at her while on her way home from work.

Blockberry Creative claims that the rumors are false from what happened and that they will be pursuing legal action. The original poster has since apologized for exaggerating the truth.

7. SEVENTEEN's Mingyu

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Mingyu was accused by an anonymous female student of bullying her, with the poster saying Mingyu had stolen money from her and cursing at her. The user claimed that Mingyu had thrown a soda cap at her face and laughing at her. She also accused Mingyu of smoking and drinking underage.

PLEDIS Entertainment denied the rumors, saying that the yearbook photo the accuser posted differs from Mingyu's graduation photo. They also claimed that the facts presented, such as Mingyu's training time, were incorrect. Following the agency's label, a friend of Mingyu refuted the rumors, saying that Mingyu was kind and friendly to everyone around him.

8. MONSTA X's Kihyun

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An alleged classmate accused Kihyun that the idol would call the poster and others losers. The poster also claimed Kihyun hit them and spread weird rumors concerning them. Kihyun was accused of stealing money and forcing the poster to buy cigarettes from him. The male idol was also accused of hitting female students.

Starship Entertainment has denied the rumors and will be pursuing legal action against the poster.

9. EVERGLOW's Aisha

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On Feb. 22, a user shared her story of being bullied by a female idol born in 2000. They did not name who it was. According to the poster, the idol started bullying her after dating the idol's close guy friend. The idol started asking inappropriate questions about their intimate life, asking whether they had had sex yet. Rumors soon spread about the poster, with guys approaching her with weird intentions.

Though Aisha was not named, she was linked to the rumors after revealing the user graduated from Gokban Middle School in 2016, as did Aisha. The post also claimed that the idol was a trainee under a big trainee for a long time, but is now an idol in a different country and has been active for 2-3 years. Aisha was a trainee for JYP Entertainment before moving to Yuehua Entertainment and has been with EVERGLOW for around that time.

Yuehua Entertainment has denied the rumors. They state that if the rumors persist, they will be forced to pursue legal action.

10. (G)I-DLE's Soyeon

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An anonymous user accused Soyeon of bullying them on their birthday, claiming Soyeon was forcing the girl to buy her stuff despite it being the user's birthday. The user said that there is more than Soyeon did but chose not to mention them. She simply stated that the bullying was so intense that she had even contemplated moving to a different country to study abroad.

CUBE Entertainment has not commented on the rumors.

11. HyunA

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An anonymous user claimed that HyunA once called her and her two friends over to a secluded era and slapped them across the face. HyunA allegedly removed the user's friend's glasses and threw them, saying that it was uncomfortable while she was slapping them. Allegedly, there was photo evidence on a platform called Buddy Buddy, but they have disappeared after HyunA debuted with Wonder Girls.

HyunA denied all the statements on an Instagram post, saying she had never hit or bullied anyone. She stated that she never had time to go to school activities or hang around after school, as ever since she was 12 years old, HyunA had to go to the agency to train right after her classes. P Nation released a statement, denying the rumors and reinforcing HyunA's statements.

12. iKON's Yunhyeong

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An online community forum user accused Yunhyeong of ruining his female classmates' self-esteem by rating their visuals in front of them. He also accused the idol of hanging around bullies and smoking in the men's restroom. YG Entertainment did not comment on the rumors, but numerous classmates of Yunhyeong released statements defending the idol.

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