Uploader of Brave Girls 'Rollin' Video Clarifies Suspicion of 'Viral Marketing' to Reverse Group's Fame

Uploader of Brave Girls 'Rollin' Video Clarifies Suspicion of 'Viral Marketing' to Reverse Group's Fame
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VIDITOR, the uploader of the viral comment collection. video of Brave Girls' "Rollin" clarified the allegation of using the video as an advertisement for the group.

While the second-generation K-pop girl group Brave Girls is enjoying its skyrocketing popularity in Korea due to a viral video, the uploader of the mentioned comment collection video addressed the viral marketing controversy directed to them.

VIDITOR, Uploader of Brave Girls "Rollin" Denies Allegation of Viral Marketing

Following the back advertisement controversy faced by Korean YouTubers in 2020, VIDITOR explained themselves over the same allegation as an aftermath of uploading Brave Girls "Rollin" comment collection video.

In particular, back advertisements are fake advertisements wherein internet stars or YouTubers are indirectly endorsing a service or product, posing it as if they are genuinely talking about the product or service---but actually, they were paid to do it.

In VIDITOR's case, he was accused of using viral marketing strategy or utilizing social media to spread a product or service by attacking the emotions or interests of the viewers. Some netizens are claiming that this is to raise the fame of the group.

Earlier on the 24th, VIDITOR posted a video of a collection of comments on the "Rollin" stage, recording more than 3 million views.

Fans then commented, "Tell us honestly whether it's an advertisement or not." In response, they wrote,

 "I'm writing in case there are people who might misunderstand.

I received comments even before posting the "Rollin" comment collection video, and after uploading the video, the exposure was overwhelmingly high, unlike other videos.

I'm rooting for Brave Girls. I just made one more video to wish them good luck.

I hope we solve the misunderstanding after reading this article."

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Brave Girls "Rollin" Atop Various Music Charts + Popularity Testimonies from Military Officers

On the other hand, Brave Girls is currently experiencing reversed fame, after their 2017 released track "Rollin" has been climbing back on major music charts in Korea, with videos of military consolation performances and related comments recently drawing attention on YouTube.

Among them, there are those who especially welcome the reverse run of the Brave Girls. Those who say they endured their military life listening to the songs of the Brave Girls, who enjoyed so much popularity in the military that they were referred to as the "military president."

Comments from online communities were also overwhelming such as netizens who are saying they are the Vitamin D in the army, and that their songs are truly addicting that they want to repay them by supporting them with their sudden rise.

Brave Girls' "Rollin" is an attractive EDM genre song that combines tropical houses, and has been evaluated as an "addictive song" since its release for its refreshing vocal and addictive chorus.

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