OMG Seung Hee's Agency Reveals She's a Victim of Malicious Harassment and Obsession From TANK + To Take a Legal Action

OMG Seung Hee's Agency Reveals She's a Victim of Malicious Harassment and Obsession from TANK + To Take a Legal Action
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[T/W] WM Entertainment revealed that composer TANK has an obsession and manipulated Oh My Girl Seung Hee's feelings that after being rejected, he falsely accused and harassed the female idol.

On March 8, the agency of Oh My Girl Seung Hee, WM Entertainment, decided to take legal action against the diss song released by singer-producer TANK which contains criticisms about Seung Hee.

TANK Posted Diss Track "Suni" Using Seung Hee's Covered Photo + WM Entertainment to Take Stern Action

On March 7, TANK posted a video of a song titled "[Diss Track] TANK" - "Suni" on his YouTube channel. The lyrics of the song are slanderous against a girl group member. TANK that showed off his friendship with Seunghee also used her photo, whose face is covered.

The lyrics of the track caught attention as it seemed like it implied Seung Hee's previous interaction with male idols, being two-faced when it comes to her fans and obscene rumors about the female idol. It's very personal, and the other characters in the lyrics can be fully guessed.

In response, WM Entertainment decided to pursue a lawsuit of defamation against the singer-producer.

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WM Entertainment Provided Additional Information about the Relationship of Seung Hee and TANK

On the official fan cafe of Oh My Girl, the agency released additional information revealing how TANK victimized the female idol.

"Hello, we're WM Entertainment.

First of all, We would like to apologize to the fans who are worried about the issue related to our artist, Seung Hee.

Seunghee and composer TANK are seniors and juniors in their high school and the industry. We would like to clarify that Seung Hee is the victim of malicious harassment from TANK."

First, the agency narrated that on December 7, 2020, TANK sent a message to Seung Hee and her high school classmate, who were seniors and juniors, along with the content of his suicide note, saying that he would make an extreme choice and put a knife on the desk a few minutes later.

Seung Hee thought the TANK is actually giving them signs and will really make an extreme choice because he usually had unstable psychological behaviors. Due to this, the female idol called her acquaintance who was usually working with him to explain the situation. Her acquaintance called the police immediately and reported it.

Second, WME, said, "Seung Hee who went to the scene with her acquaintance, cheered him and conveyed that he's loved by everyone, saying that with the thought that TANK might make an extreme decision again. This was Seung Hee's pure effort to stop his extreme attempts."

Third, In the wake of the incident, TANK began to become overly obsessed by sending psychiatric records as evidence that she had been saved him from death.

He mentally pressured Seung Hee, his psychiatrist at the hospital where he was being treated, saying that Seung Hee was a medicine for him and asked her to help him get better.

"He also sent a message of obsession, giving the word 'love' an excessive meaning different from the real thing, and ended up unilaterally courting," implying how TANK manipulated the female idol and got obsessed by her kindness that she misinterprets it as romantic love.

Fourth, when his feelings were not accepted, Tank sent a threatening message through the media that he would soon make an extreme choice, and that Seung Hee would be remembered all over the world forever, causing panic.

Fifth, eventually, for about two months from December 7 till date, Seung Hee complained of severe panic disorder that she couldn't handle her schedule normally due to severe mental pain and anxiety, and stopped contacting him because he was a senior in school and in the industry.

Sixth, since then, Tank has posted videos and photos of obvious false facts that distort the truth on his SNS and YouTube.

In response to these malicious harassment, stalking, and obsession, WM Entertainment affirmed fans and said,

"We can no longer overlook that TANK distorted the truth as if she were the perpetrator and used Seung Hee's good heart to perpetuate the harassment. [...]In response, we are conducting all civil and criminal legal measures, including the dissemination of false information, intimidation, and violation of personal rights, and will respond sternly to the best possible measures without any agreement or leniency."

In addition, he was found to have been harassing not only Seung Hee but also his acquaintances and other artists by sending videos and messages such as suggesting extreme choices and complaining of mental distress.

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Written by Eunice Dawson

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