BTS V Praises His Father's Visual and Personality + Confesses His Dream to Become Like His Dad

BTS V Praises his Father's Visual and Personality + Confesses his Dream to Become like His Dad
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V, a member of "K-pop Giants" BTS, revealed his dream to resembles not only his father's visual but his personality as well on their high-rating episode for "You Quiz on the Block."

On March 24, BTS, including V had a special appearance as exclusive guests on tvN's entertainment program "You Quiz on the Block" wherein they showed their various sides through games and interviews, capturing both excitement and emotions of the viewers.

In the broadcast then, the visual and singer of BTS, V, shared his overflowing love for his family particularly to his father and confessed his aspirations to grow up just like his father.

BTS V on "You Quiz on the Block": " My dream is my dad."

BTS V, who rose as one of the idols with the most beautiful voice and visual that made him "Most Handsome Man," unveiled stories about his journey prior to his debut.

The male idol who is always open to showing his love for his family confessed that the hardest time he had during his training period is not being able to see his family.

He conveyed, "When my father came every weekend to see me, I cried because I was young. I once called him crying, saying, 'I want to stop' because my trainee life was hard."

In addition, he expressed how his father encouraged him with his words, such as "If you're having a hard time, you can stop. There are many other jobs, so let's find them."

Leader RM also attested V's father's amazing personality as he narrated how the latter's parent's words became their slogan, which is "It's not a big deal."

In the broadcast, BTS V's handsome looks were constantly praised by the MCs, admiring his overall visual from all angles.

In response, V shyly recognized that it's because of his father's beautiful genes. V answered, "When I saw his photos during his younger days, I think he's more handsome than me."

In the later part of the episode, the male idol continuously praised his father's visual and personality as well, which made him realized his dream of becoming like him.

"I look like my father a lot and I want to have his personality as well. My dream is my dad," which drew a response from MC Yoo Jae Suk, "The dream of all fathers."

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BTS V Expressed Longing for ARMYs + Shares the First Line of the Book of His Life

Meanwhile, as the broadcast went on, BTS V shared that he missed their fandom ARMY a lot.

"It's been about a year and a half since I haven't seen ARMYs. I still remember each country's last song, "Mikrokosmos," on the tour. I want to do that first. It's a performance in front of ARMY and singing 'Mikrokosmos' only once at the end."

When asked about the first sentence of the book of his life, he said, "I am a chameleon. I really want to be that kind of person."

The 24th episode of "You Quiz on the Block" recorded its highest ratings, and V's self-composed songs "Snow Flower," "Winter Bear," and album tracks "Blue & Grey" and "Inner Child" proved to be a hot topic after the broadcast.

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