This 'Penthouse' Actress is Gaining Attention for Looking Like MAMAMOO Moonbyul

People have discovered just how much this "Penthouse" actress resembles MAMAMOO member Moonbyul, and it's driving people crazy!

"Penthouse" Actress Han Ji Hyun Gains Traction for Her Resemblance to MAMAMOO's Moonbyul

Nowadays, South Korean actress Han Ji Hyun is gaining a lot of attention from the public due to her role in the famous ongoing drama "The Penthouse 2: War in Life." As people kept watching the drama, many started to think that Han Ji Hyun resembled another famous celebrity in the entertainment scene.

Han Ji Hyun
(Photo : Han Ji Hyun Instagram)

After scratching their heads and mulling over which celebrity she resembled, one fan was able to pin-point just who her look-alike is...and it is MAMAMOO member Moonbyul!

(Photo : Moonbyul Instagram)

A user on an online community forum placed Han Ji Hyun's photos side-by-side photos of MAMAMOO's Moonbyul to prove their point. Seeing their photos, side-by-side, magnified their uncanny similarities. Both celebrities have slim, oval-shaped faces with v-shaped jaws. They also have similar almond-shaped eyes and high nose bridges.

Han Ji Hyun
(Photo : Han Ji Hyun Instagram)

Many people freaked out when they saw how much Han Ji Hyun looks like. Fans left comments on the post, such as, "Wow! They really do look similar!" Another user said, "They look so much alike, they could pass off as twins!"

(Photo : Moonbyul Instagram)

Another user revealed that they have been trying to figure out who Han Ji Hyun resembles, saying, "Yes! Moonbyul is the one I have been trying to think of!"

Do you think they look alike? Tell us in the comments below!

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RBW additionally revealed that they are still discussing contract renewals with Wheein. The company stresses that MAMAMOO will not disband. They ask for people to continue supporting and keeping their interest in the talented girl group, MAMAMOO.

(Photo : MAMAMOO Instagram)

On Jan. 22, 2021, MAMAMOO members Solar and Moonbyl renewed their exclusive contracts with RBW.

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MAMAMOO's Recent Activities

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(Photo : MAMAMOO Instagram)

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