BLACKPINK Jennie Displays Elevated Beauty and Sophistication in Latest Dashing Diva Commercial

BLACKPINK member Jennie is, without a doubt, one of the biggest K-pop stars today. So, it comes as no surprise that many huge brands have also tapped her to become their official ambassador. On Tuesday, April 13, Dashing Diva dropped its latest commercial, which features the co-member of Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo.

(Photo : HERA/Anker Innovations)

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BLACKPINK Jennie Stuns in New Dashing Diva Commercial

The "How You Like That" singer looked so gorgeous in the latest advertisement of Dashing Diva. In the video, BLACKPINK member Jennie displayed a striking visual as she shows off the brand's latest Glaze gel-line, underscoring quality and volume.

The commercial serves as the official debut of Jennie as the new face of Dashing Diva. Since this is just a start, the brand is expected to release more promotional materials carrying the face of the BLACKPINK member in the coming months.

As of this writing, BLACKPINK Jennie's Dashing Diva commercial already garnered a total of 20,367 views on YouTube. The clip also generated a total of 4,100 likes and 897 comments just a few hours after it was officially released. These statistics are expected to increase in the days to come as more and more people discover it.

BLACKPINK member Jennie owes her numerous endorsements to her wide influence and undeniable popularity. As a matter of fact, the "Lovesick Girls" singer is, currently, the official face of CHANEL, HERA Beauty, Gentle Monster, Amore Pacific, LOTTE's Aor Baked, Chum Churum Philippines, and Kwangdong Vita500 among others.

The YG Entertainment artist is expected to add more entries to the list as she continues to dominate the brand reputation rankings. In March, Jennie landed on Top 2 with a brand reputation index of 5,182,696. The rapper settled in second place after BLACKPINK member Rosé nabbed the top spot after garnering a total of 6,433,970 brand reputation index.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Jennie Official Instagram Account )

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BLACKPINK Jennie Celebrated HERA's Launch in the U.S.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK Jennie was in pure joy after luxury K-beauty brand Hera was finally launched in the United States. The "SOLO" singer celebrated the news by dropping some products she chose herself.

Initially, HERA U.S. launched four products, namely: Rouge Holic Lipstick, Sensual Powder Matte Lip Tint, Spicy Nude Lip Gloss, and Spicy Nude Volume Matte. BLACKPINK member Jennie revealed that she loves the matte lip tint in several shades, including 499 Lodge Suede, 435 Pampas, 333 Closure, and 177 Seoul Days.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Jennie Official Instagram Account )

The co-member of Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé also picked the Rouge Holic Lisptick in the sade of 100 Soul Pink as one of her favorites. Fans and shoppers can buy these products on Amazon.

BLACKPINK Jennie has been an ambassador of the brand for a long time now. However, this is the first time that HERA products are made available to American consumers since it was founded and established over 20 years ago.

Of course, HERA re-released the Rouge Holic campaign of Jennie from late 2020 as part of their promotions. In the posters, the BLACKPINK member looked so striking as she serves a natural glow, elevated sophistication, and definite beauty.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Jennie Official Instagram Account )

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