EXO Suho Relationship Status 2021: Here's Why Many Thought He Dated BLACKPINK Jisoo, TWICE Sana and Red Velvet Irene

There is no denying that EXO member Suho is among the most eligible bachelors today. Aside from being one of the most talented K-pop idols today, many fans are also following the "Love Shot" singer because of his stunning looks and trimmed body.

So, is Suho dating someone is secret? Is he still single? Keep on reading to know more details about this multi-talented and handsome EXO member.

(Photo : EXO Suho Official Instagram Account)

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EXO Suho's Relationship Status Revealed

Reports have it that EXO member Suho is, currently, single and is not dating anyone in secret. Though the idol has been very vocal about having admirers in the past, the "Growl" hitmaker said that his very first serious relationship was in high school.

Suho admitted that he dated his former ladylove for two years and confessed that she was his first love. The EXO member also divulged that he used to take his girlfriend to candle-light dinners and would sing for her.

In an appearance on "Youngha's Starry Night," EXO member Suho revealed that his ideal type is a girl who loves literature as much as him and preferably someone with long hair. The K-pop idol said he wants to sit peacefully with his girl while they enjoy reading a good book together.

(Photo : EXO Suho Official Instagram Account)

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EXO Suho Was Linked to BLACKPINK Jisoo, TWICE Sana and Red Velvet Irene

Just like any other public figure, Suho was also hounded with numerous dating rumors before. It was claimed that the EXO member had a romantic relationship with Red Velvet's Irene after they were sighted having an interaction during SM Town Dubai.

Photos of EXO Suho and Red Velvet Irene walking together in Hawaii added fuel to the fire. Devoted supporters of the two South Korean stars even noticed that they sported the same clothes as they walk beside each other.

(Photo : EXO Suho Official Instagram Account)

There were also rumors linking EXO member Suho with TWICE's Sana. The K-pop stars sparked romance speculations after they posted the same photos from the same locations on the same month, which forced some to think that they had spent time with each other.

Not only that because they were also spotted donning the same orange-colored hoodies on the same day while going to their respective activities. Things got more interesting when TWICE Sana shared a photo of her on Instagram with a caption saying, "Do you like it too?" EXO member Suho, afterward, posted a snap of him with "I like it" in the caption.

(Photo : EXO Suho Official Instagram Account)

EXO Suho was also rumored to be dating BLACKPINK Jisoo after they, allegedly, shared almost the same photos on their respective social media accounts. One snap of the "Obsession" singer revealed that he was in Brooklyn and the "Lovesick Girls" hitmaker, later on, shared a snap of her in the Brooklyn Bridge. Of course, avid followers of the two started believing that they were together at the time.

Moreover, EXO member Suho and BLACKPINK Jisoo, reportedly, have similar photos when they were in Universal Studios in Hollywood and Paris. The two idols were even seen wearing the same necklace, similar cap, same flower, and had similar poses in a number of their photos.

(Photo : EXO Suho Official Instagram Account)

Though there is no doubt that Suho has strong chemistry with BLACKPINK Jisoo, TWICE Sana, and Red Velvet Irene, it is important to note that he never confirmed dating a female idol since he was launched as a member of EXO in 2012. Even his agency, SM Entertainment, did not reveal details of the idol's private life. So, avid followers of Suho should take all these unverified dating rumors with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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