Alleged Former DSP Media Employee Claims Lee Hyunjoo Is Lying About Being Bullied by APRIL Members

On April 24, a user asserting to be a former employee of DSP Media made a post via their personal social media account where they alleged that Lee Hyunjoo is lying about the bullying she experienced from the APRIL members - Naeun, Chaewon, Jinsol, Chaekyung, Yena, and Rachel.

Previously, former APRIL Hyunjoo released a statement via her Instagram account in which she accused the APRIL members of bullying her for three years starting from 2014, when she was preparing to debut, until 2016, the year when she left the group.

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Lee Hyunjoo is Allegedly Lying about the APRIL Members Bullying Her

In the post made by the claimed former employee of DSP Media, they explained that they are writing the statement as many people believed her lies. They continued, "Because of Lee Hyunjoo, each day was a hell. Lee Hyunjoo made her debut with APRIL after having plastic surgery."  They asserted that after the girl group debuted, Hyunjoo made it obvious that she did not want to be part of the team. "She was busy hanging out with her boyfriend. I also saw her secret conversation with her ex-boyfriend," the employee stated.

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In addition, the former DSP Media staff claimed it is not true that Lee Hyunjoo made an extreme attempt to take her life due to the bullying of the APRIL members, instead, she was with her boyfriend.

They went on to say that former APRIL Hyunjoo didn't live in the dorm and stayed at home. And whenever Somin, the initial leader of the girl group, asked her to practice, she would throw a water bottle.

The user said that DSP Media tried to go forward with Hyunjoo, who was like a "ticking time bomb." The staff also claimed that Lee caused Somin to leave the group.

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The employee further stated, "If you want to go as easily as you want, you should have been good at your conduct." They also said that if Lee Hyunjoo spreads more false information, they will keep on revealing more dirty truths, as well.

APRIL Members Chaewon and Yena Respond to Hyunjoo's Bullying Allegations

After Lee Hyunjoo released her personal statement about the bullying controversy, APRIL members Yena and Chaewon refuted her accusations and revealed their sides of the story.

APRIL Yena stated that throughout their career, there was this one member who continuously pushed them away. That member would think of herself as the only victim and see them as the perpetrators when something bad happened to the group.

She added that because of her, APRIL members would always feel bothered and afraid of not knowing how situations would change. Yena also mentioned that each of them had suffered physically and mentally, yet there was never any bullying, violent actions or words, or ostracism.

Meanwhile, APRIL Chaewon stated that after Somin left, she became the oldest member of the girl group. Hence she made an effort to make sure that the members get along. She paid more attention to Hyunjoo, as she knows she is physically and mentally weaker.

Chaewon then said that she was so close with Hyunjoo that their mothers were in contact with each other. She also denied the rumors that she dated their manager, who have undergone lots of stress because of Hyunjoo.

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