BTS J-Hope Workout Routine 2021: Here's How 'Dynamite' Hitmaker Achieved His Rock-Hard Abs and Lean Body

BTS J-Hope
Here is everything we know, so far, about the workout routine of BTS member J-Hope.(Photo : BTS Official Instagram Account)

BTS member J-Hope is branded as one of the cutest male K-pop idols today. Besides his undeniable talent in producing, songwriting, rapping, and singing, most ARMYs also love him because of his adorable personality and looks.

So, how did J-Hope achieve his rock-hard abs? What is the "Dynamite" singer's workout routine? Keep on reading to know more details about this charming and endearing BTS member.

(Photo : BTS Official Twitter Account)

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BTS J-Hope's Workout Routine Revealed

Just like other K-pop stars, J-Hope also takes advantage of the group's daily dance practice. He does not only consider it as a specific time to rehearse because he also thinks that dancing is a very good workout exercise.

Reports have it that all BTS members spend up to two hours of dance practice daily. However, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, and V do more, especially when they have upcoming big events and concerts.

It was claimed that BTS J-Hope is not fond of going to the gym. However, he sees to it that he would perform many workouts on a daily basis. Among the simple bodyweight workout, he does are jumping jacks, squats, crunches, cross punches, mountain climbers, lunges, plank, leg raises, and push-ups.

(Photo : BTS Official Twitter Account)

J-Hope usually works out with his co-members. As a matter of fact, it was previously claimed that the Bangtan Boys still work out even when they are not at home. But, of course, all of them, who work equally as hard, take a well-deserved break whenever they are free.

To achieve the best results, BTS member J-Hope also eats a healthy and balanced diet. His diet plan is mainly comprised of oats, fruits, chicken, vegetables, and salmon. Since the "Life Goes On" singer loves to eat whatever he wants, he always makes sure to spend hours working out to burn a significant amount of calories.

(Photo : BTS Official Twitter Account)

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BTS J-Hope Shares a Lie He Often Told His Mother

Though he could be the most innocent-looking BTS member, J-Hope revealed that he was not always honest with his own mother. The "Boy with Luv" hitmaker said that there was a heartbreaking lie he often tell her during his younger days.

BTS member J-Hope said he usually told his mom that he was fine even if he is exhausted during his trainee days. However, his mom, reportedly, knew about the challenges he faced while training as a K-pop idol in Big Hit Entertainment.

J-Hope shared his mother often gave him a lot of support whenever he returns to his hometown. The BTS member said his mom supports and trusts him big time and he made that his motivation to succeed.

(Photo : BTS Official Twitter Account)

BTS members RM and Suga, previously, divulged that their trainee days were not easy. The two idols said that a total of 11 people would share one room and one bathroom at the time. Aside from the personal problems they encountered, they also had a hard time maintaining a good relationship with some of their co-trainees since they all came from different places with different backgrounds.

The good thing is, J-Hope, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, RM, and V worked so hard to reach their dreams. Now, they are considered the biggest male band in the world.

(Photo : BTS Official Twitter Account)

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