ASTRO Shows Growth Throughout Promotions for 'All Yours' + to Hold Japan Online Fan Meeting

ASTRO has officially ended their activities for their new album, "All Yours."

On April 5, MJ, Eunwoo, Jinjin, Moonbin, Rocky, and Sanha released their second full-length album titled "All Yours." This the group's first album in two years and three months. During the three-week period of promotions, the band showcased their growth as artists, making remarkable changes and achieving new milestones.

ASTRO Completes Promotions for "All Yours"

On April 25, ASTRO appeared on SBS's "Inkigayo" to perform "ONE," the title track of their new album. This marks the boy group's last activity for "All Yours."

On April 26, Fantagio, the band's management agency, shared the traces of the growth that ASTRO has made with their second full album.

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First, MJ, Moonbin, Eunwoo, Rocky, Jinjin, and Sanha unfolded their musical capabilities that they had accumulated in the past years through their "All Yours" album. A total of 10 songs, from energetic dance songs to sweet ballads, captured the hearts of the public with the more mature vocals and sensitivity of ASTRO members.

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Fantagio stated that the "All Yours" promotions were a glimpse into the band's sixth year of debut. Apart from the title track "ONE," songs like "All Good" and "Gemini" show ASTRO's refreshing and sweet side, making the three-week-long activities more diverse.

On top of that, the members' musical growth, particularly that of MJ, JinJin, and Rocky, can be seen in "All Yours" as their self-composed songs have been included in the album. The band said through their company that they want to make an album filled with only the members' own songs.

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The second aspect that proves ASTRO's improvement, according to Fantagio, is that each member - MJ, Moonbin, Eunwoo, Rocky, Jinjin, and Sanha - showcased their individual charms, which when combined made the boy group shine together.

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Lastly, the company pointed out how the blend of the high-quality album and the boy band's unique charm brought about a new synergy called "breaking a new record." In particular, the music video for "ONE" exceeded one million views in only five hours after it was released, and it went on to reach 10 million views in three days.

Their achievement didn't stop there. ASTRO's "ONE" MV surprised everyone by hitting 20 million views in its own shortest period, at 5 p.m. KST on April 18, which is almost two weeks after the album was dropped.

Furthermore, the band managed to record 280,000 copies of their second studio album, "All Yours," which is roughly four times higher than their initial record. Not to mention, the album ranked first on the Gaon Chart's retail album and BGM charts in the 15th week of 2021.

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After its release, ASTRO's "All Yours" quickly ranked first on the iTunes charts in 20 countries and was the first album by the group to enter the Billboard LyricFind Global Chart since their debut.

ASTRO to Hold 2021 Japan Online Fan Meeting

In other news, ASTRO members MJ, Rocky, Moonbin, Jinjin, Eunwoo, and Sanha are scheduled to meet their fans in Japan through an online fan meeting called "2021 Japan Online Fan Meeting -All Yours-." The event will take place on May 1.

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