'Goo Hara Act' Approved by National Assembly, Disqualifies Undutiful Parents From Inheriting Their Child's Fortune

The "Goo Hara Act" has finally been approved during the National Assembly.

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"Goo Hara Act" Approved by National Assembly, Disqualifies Undutiful Parents from Inheriting their Child's Fortune

On April 29 KST, Representative Seo Young Gyo of the Democratic Party announced that the "4th Plan of Action for the Basis of a Healthy Family," which formally includes the "Goo Hara Act," has been approved during the National Assembly that was held on April 27 KST.

The "4th Plan of Action for the Basis of a Healthy Family" was finalized after careful deliberation by the National Assembly, which was presided over by the President as the basis for promoting family policies for the next five years.

The "Goo Hara Act" is a public welfare law that had received more than 100,000 petition signs by Korean citizens for its enactment but was later abolished as it was not passed by the National Assembly in the past.

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According to the "Goo Hara Act," it declares that a person who has seriously violated the duty of child-rearing, such as significantly neglecting to raise their child, demonstrating parental laziness, or committing crimes such as mistreatment or abuse, will be disqualified from inheriting the said child's fortune if the aforementioned acts are proven to be true.

In 2020, the late Goo Hara's biological mother demanded half of the "Midnight Queen" singer's fortune despite not being present nor paying for child support for more than ten years after her divorce with Goo Hara's father.

Goo Hara's brother, Goo Ho In, filed a request for the court to review the division of inheritance against their mother. However, the bereaved family and Goo Hara's mother ended up dividing the singer's inheritance at a ratio of six to four, which would normally be five to five had Goo Ho In's request not came in.

In response to Goo Hara's mother's claim on the late singer's inheritance, the public was deeply angered for the mother's careless and unconscionable act - especially for a parent who had abandoned taking care of their children to inherit their child's property.

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For this very reason was the "Goo Hara Act" drafted and enacted and received immense support from the public. Goo Ho In also appealed for the Act several times.

Although the Act can no longer be applied to their family as the ruling for the division of Goo Hara's inheritance was made in 2020, they may receive comfort through the "Goo Hara Act," which will prevent issues similar to theirs from happening in the future.

Representative Seo Young Gyo said that it was very fortunate that the "Goo Hara Act" was included in the "4th Plan of Action for the Basis of a Healthy Family," as parents who abandon their children and neglect to raise them should be disqualified from receiving the children's fortunes.

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