BLACKPINK Lisa Plastic Surgery Rumors Debunked + Why the Thai Rapper was Accused of Undergoing Cosmetic Enhancements

BLACKPINK member Lisa is being considered as one of the K-pop idols with the most beautiful face. Despite her exemplary talent in rapping and dancing, there are still some people who question her authenticity as an artist, especially her looks.

There have been speculations that Lisa went under the knife just to achieve the impeccable beauty that her avid followers have admired. Did the "How You Like That" singer underwent rhinoplasty and had lip fillers to improve her looks? Keep on reading to know more details about this multi-talented and adorable BLACKPINK member.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram)

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BLACKPINK Lisa Plastic Surgery Rumors Debunked

Lisa was hounded with several plastic surgery rumors because of how she, allegedly, looked so different before. Add to that a statement from a surgeon who claimed that the BLACKPINK member has had work done on her face to improve her looks.

The unnamed expert said that BLACKPINK Lisa had plastic surgery. It stated that the "Lovesick Girls" singer most likely had rhinoplasty because her nose, allegedly, used to be flat, wide and round. The surgeon said Lisa's nose, now, has a thin, upturned and cute nose.

It added that BLACKPINK member Lisa also had fillers to make her lips appear plump and smooth. The expert even noticed that the Thai rapper's lips became uneven since some parts have become more bulbous than the other areas.

If that is not enough, the expert also stated that Lisa had bleached her skin to make it whiter. The BLACKPINK member was even accused of using double eyelid tape since her double eyelids are, reportedly, always on point. The surgeon said she is doing her procedures slowly so no one would even notice it.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram)

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However, people close to BLACKPINK Lisa claimed that she never had plastic surgery. Some fans even circulated some snaps of the "Boombayah" singer before she was launched as one of the members of the YG Entertainment-formed girl group.

Avid followers of Lisa said that her pre-debut photos confirmed that her nose still looks the same despite reports saying that she underwent rhinoplasty to improve it. Others also defended the BLACKPINK member, saying that people should just let her since she can do whatever she wants with her body and face.

Up until now, BLACKPINK Lisa and YG Entertainment have not yet commented on these ceaseless plastic surgery rumors. However, it should be noted that puberty, makeup, and some weight loss can do a lot to one's look, especially for someone who has been working very hard to improve herself each passing day - like Lisa!

Moreover, no concrete pieces of evidence could prove that the "Whistle" singer really underwent cosmetic enhancements to achieve a better look So, all these plastic surgery speculations surrounding BLACKPINK member Lisa should be taken with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram)

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BLACKPINK Lisa Tops 'TMI' News List of Idols with Impressive Families

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK member Lisa just made another feat after she topped the TMI News' list of idols from impressive families. The program revealed that the "As If It's Your Last" hitmaker's father is a popular and world-renowned chef from Switzerland who owns a cooking school in Thailand.

In other words, Lisa came from a well-off family even before she was launched as an official member of BLACKPINK. Now, the Thai rapper has also become one of the most sought-after idols of her generation.

BLACKPINK Rosé, aside from Lisa, was also included in the list. It was claimed that the "One the Ground" singer's father and her older sister are practicing lawyers in Australia. It was also divulged that Rosé's dad was, actually, the one who pushed her to attend a YG Entertainment audition because of her undying love for music.

(Photo : BLACKPINK Lisa Official Instagram)

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