SNSD's Taeyeon Graces #legend Cover for April 2021

Taeyeon, a member of the legendary K-Pop girl group Girls' Generation, will be putting her visuals on full display at the April 2021 cover of luxury lifestyle magazine #legend.

As a member of Girls' Generation (SNSD), as well as a successful solo artist, Taeyeon remains relevant and highly sought after as a musician and as a brand ambassador - more than 13 years since she debuted as part of the SM Entertainment girl group.

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Now, the social media superstar maintains a huge following on the Internet, including 16 million followers on Instagram alone. As Taeyeon graces the cover of #legend magazine, she also speaks to the lifestyle publication's staff in global exclusive cover storytelling her stories through song and handling the pressures of challenges of standing at the top.

SNSD Taeyeon for #legend
(Photo : Legend Publishing (HK) Limited)

In her cover photo, the Girls' Generation member rocks an outfit from Dolce & Gabbana paired with pieces from Chinese fine jewelry makers Qeelin Jewellery. Striking a pose, Taeyeon in yellow shines brightly against the flatly dark background.

Then, in the #legend cover story, Taeyeon shares some of her most memorable moments in the industry. "The most memorable moments as a singer have been when we went on tours as Girls' Generation. They always felt like we were on a field trip," Taeyeon recalls. "We just hung out and did the performances that we really love, so those are just really happy and memorable moments for me."

She then shared her insights on delivering her unique stories through song. Taeyeon tells #legend that while she doesn't act in movies or even on the television, "during those three or four minutes on stage I think of myself as an actress." Taeyeon also notes that when she sings how her facial expressions also change, which further supports how her craft is a lot like acting.

The SNSD member adds: "I always sing in the hope that the audience can empathize with my emotions."

Talking to Danny Kang, Taeyeon also opened up on her many different hobbies. When asked how she gets into them, the "Make Me Love You" singer explains that these come to her naturally. Her personality does not push her to go out much and her career as a singer restricts the activities she can do. "So naturally I look for things I can do on my own," she shares. And as for a new potential hobby, Taeyeon looks toward walking her dog Zero and making homemade snacks for him.

When asked how she wants to be remembered, Taeyeon wants to stay in the hearts of the people as "Someone who is talented in many different ways but also very down-to-earth." As she asked the #legend team whether she's being too greedy, she breaks into a laugh before reaffirming her answer.

Lastly, Taeyeon - whose real name is Kim Tae-yeon - shares that her own #legend will always be her mom. Explaining that her mother and Zero are "probably the two things I rely on the most," she shares how her mother is like her anchor.

"I also owe my positive attitude to her, so she's my #legend," the SNSD member said.

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