BoA's Older Brother Reveals He Was Diagnosed with Rare Peritoneal Cancer & Life Expectancy

BoA's older brother, Kwon Soon-wook, shares on his social media account that he was diagnosed with cancer, and reveals his life expectancy according to the doctors.

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BoA's Older Brother Reveals He Was Diagnosed with Rare Peritoneal Cancer & Life Expectancy

On May 10 KST, Kwon Soon-wook, BoA's older brother and a director, shares that he had not been feeling well since last year and decided to take a break from work to receover.

However, he found out that he was in a very bad health condition.

Kwon Soon-wook revealed that he was diagnosed with rare peritoneal cancer and is currently at stage four due to metastasis.

Peritoneal cancer is a rare cancer that develops and spreads along the tissues inside the abdomen, and covers the uterus, bladder, and rectum as well.

In Kwon Soon-wook's social media post, he also discloses his emergency room and outpatient progress notes. He said that he was suffering from peritonitis, a stent that came through his intestine, and that they conducted an emergency operation for gastrointestinal perforation around the end of December last year in 2020. He also adds that his current prognosis is poor so far.

He had also discussed his current life expectancy - or his remaining life span - with multiple doctors from different hospitals, and was told that his remaining life expectancy is expected to be around two to three months.

Kwon Soon-wook said that he couldn't believe that something like this happened to him or why something so unusual like this appears in his dream, but it always turns out to be a reality when he wakes up.

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He also shares how his weight has dropped immensely in the past months.

"My weight dropped to 36kg in the past two months since I had not eaten due to intestinal problems. My thirst and pain cannot be expressed in words, as not a single drop of water is being absorbed by my body," Kwon Soon-wook said.

BoA and Kwon Soon-wook's mother always tells him that he will definitely get better, but he confesses to have already lost a lot of confidence while seeing his body dying day by day, especially knowing the doctors and hospitals diagnosis.

However, he shares that he is still constantly trying to finish the treatment until the end, even though he sheds tears every day.

"I am making a lot of effort not to lose hope, although it is a pain without weakness," said Kwon Soon-wook.

Because of his health, it was the first time he had cried as he couldn't eat a spoonful of rice, and that it made him realize that even though he was fine just a few months ago, cancer can spread terrifyingly fast even when at a young age.

He ends his heartfelt news by hoping that everyone takes care of their good health, so that they do not experience this kind of pain.

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Many friends and fans have left warm messages on his post. BoA left a message, saying, "I love you brother! We can overcome it! I will definitely boil ramen. We have to eat it together! I think you are a really strong person! The nicest and strongest person in my eyes. Thank you for working hard everyday."

Kwon Soon-wook had directed several music videos from famous singers such as BoA's "Game" and "Only One," Girl's Day's "Twinkle Twinkle," MAMAMOO's "Piano Man," Red Velvet's "Be Natural," and god's "Saturday Night."

In addition, he has also directed the web drama, "Bongsun, the Woman Who Dies if She Loves," and MBC's dramanet, "Boram, Love is Worth Waiting."

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