Suzy, Red Velvet Seulgi, and More: Korean Show Picks the Female Idols Who Have Always Been Beautiful

On the most recent episode of Mnet's "TMI News," the cast selected the female idols who have always been beautiful. Want to know who they chose? Then keep on reading.

Suzy Ranked Number One Among Female Idols Who Have Always Been Beautiful

Among the eight female idols mentioned by the cast, Suzy was the top female idol who has always been beautiful.

The show recalled how Suzy was scouted to join her first agency, JYP Entertainment. While auditioning for "Superstar K," she was spotted by a talent scout at the audition hall.

The scout waited for eight hours just to be able to convince Suzy to audition for the label.

(Photo : Suzy Instagram)

According to the casting manager of the company, people can become trainees if they have singing skills, dancing skills, or stunning visuals. "The only trainee that had all three was Suzy."

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Before her debut, Suzy worked as a fitting model. In her elementary school journal, she revealed that she wanted to be a singer in the future.

In 2010, her dreams came true, and she was able to make her debut in the girl group Miss A. She has since pursued a career in acting and soloist.

The show showcased photos of Suzy from her childhood days, as well as during her school days. The images proved that Suzy has always had stunning visuals and was born looking like a goddess. The show even showed videos of Suzy performing in her school.

In the video, she stood at the center, proving she has always been center material.

Red Velvet Seulgi Ranked Number Two Among Female Idols Who Have Always Been Beautiful

Coming in after Suzy is Red Velvet's very own Seulgi!

Though she debuted with Red Velvet in 2014, she was considered an icon even during her trainee days.

As a trainee, Seulgi was part of SM Rookies and was featured in numerous videos to showcase her talents. She gained lots of attention for her skills and stunning visuals.

(Photo : Seulgi Instagram)

She gained further attention as a trainee when f(x) members Sulli and Krystal mentioned her during an appearance on "Radio Star." When cast member Kyuhyun confessed he did not like girls who are famous and massive stars, MC Kim Gu Ra joked that he liked trainees.

That is when Krystal and Sulli mentioned Seulgi, which led the male idol to admit he found her friendly, cute, and talented.

In the end, he gave a small message to Seulgi to encourage her as a trainee.

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Following this incident, Seulgi's name rose among the real-time search ranks, with people dubbing her as "The 2nd Taeyeon."

Like Suzy, the program showed photos of Seulgi during her youth, which proved her beauty only grew as time went on.

These are the Female Idols Who Have Always Been Beautiful, According to TMI News

1. Suzy

2. Red Velvet's Seulgi

3. f(x)'s Krystal

4. TWICE's Jihyo and Nayeon (tied)

5. Girls' Generation's Seohyun

6. (G)I-DLE's Shuhua

7. Lovelyz's Mijoo

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