TWICE Momo, Suzy, and More: Female K-Pop Idols Reveal How They Get Amazing Bodies

Hot girl summer is just around the corner! With the scorching heat drawing closer, more people are looking for ways to ready their summer bodies. Want to know some tips and tricks from the hottest K-pop idols on how to get solid abs and apple hips? Then keep on reading!

This is How TWICE's Momo Gets Her Legendary "11" Abs

TWICE's Momo is known for her legendary abs, which fans call "11" abs due to the defined lines on her body. Momo has previously revealed that the secret to her abs is plank twists. The Japanese idol says that his exercise is so effective, she can get "11" abs in just two days!

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To do this, get into the plank position. Just doing planks is a great way to maintain your body shape.

Support your body with your forearms, and make sure your body is straight, aligned from the shoulder to the ankle.

While supporting yourself with your forearms, twist your body from left to right. You must maintain your position and stay sturdy, making sure your hip does not fall.

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Momo has stated that this works out your core, as well as works on shoulder strength. Momo revealed that she does three sets of 50 plank twists, meaning she does a total of 150 plank twists a day!

This is Suzy's Simple Exercise For Thin Arms

Suzy, also known as "The Nation's First Love," has also revealed the secret to her stunning figure.

To keep her arms slim, Suzy revealed her "Penguin Exercise Method." It sounds simple, but Suzy confessed that it could actually get pretty tricky.

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To do the "Penguin Exercise," stretch your wrists out at a right angle, similar to penguins. You must then turn your wrists in and out, just like a penguin!

While it may look simple (and it might even fun at the start!), Suzy says that you shouldn't stop until your muscles hurt!

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Suzy recommends this exercise since it is easy and can be done anywhere!

Soyou's Secret to Having Beautiful Apple Hips

Nowadays, people want apple hips.

Apple hips refer to the shape of a woman's hips down to her buttocks and how it emulates the form of an apple. Others also call this the S-line.

Soyou is one of the idols famous for her apple hips, and she has shared how she gets her stunning figure.

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Unlike most hip-related exercises, which require the person to be lying face down or on their backs, Soyou's requires the person to be standing. You'll really feel the burn this way!

Bend your knees but keep your back and shoulder straight. Now that you are in this position put one leg forward and put your weight on the leg behind you. As you keep your waist straight, kick your leg forward.

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Keep your foot off the ground when you bring it back down. After, bring that same leg back up to a sidekick stance. Kick backward, making a straight line with your hips and waist. Soyou recommends doing 20 reps of this exercise every day.

Are you ready for hot girl summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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