BTS, Lim Young Woong, & Brave Girls Top May 2021 Korean Singers Brand Reputation Rankings + See Top 30

Among the Korean singers, BTS, Lim Young Woong, and Brave Girls topped the brand reputation rankings for May 2021. Keep on reading to know if your favorite artists made it to the list.

On May 19, the Korean Brand Research Institute issued the brand reputation rankings for Korean singers for May. The agency analyzed big data of artists who have done promotions from April 19 to May 19. The data include the singers' activities in four various areas like consumer participation, communication, media, and community.

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From April 19 to May 19, the institute accumulated 106,100,722 data. The May 2021 data are 14.77% lower than the April 2021 data of 124,486,232.

Brand reputation analysis can help figure out which Korean singers are the hot topic among the media and consumer, which artists are active in communicating with the public, and their positive and negative influence.

BTS is the Most Popular Korean Singer for May 2021

BTS - comprising RM, Jimin, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, and V - maintained its position at No. 1 on the brand reputation rankings for Korean singers for May 2021. The septet previously took first place on the April 2021 rankings. This means the boy group continues to be the most popular among Korean singers.

(Photo : BTS Official Facebook Page)

For May, BTS has a brand reputation index of 9,891,388. This is the total of the indexes of the four areas: participation index of 2,737,554, media index of 2,733,335, communication index of 2,211,866, and community index of 2,208,633.

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Compared to their April 2021 brand reputation index of 11,813,702, their May 2021 index fell by 16.27%.

Lim Young Woong is the Second Most Popular Korean Singer for May 2021

Sitting at No. 2 on the brand reputation rankings for May 2021 is trot singer Lim Young Woong. This means he is the most popular Korean solo artist for this month and the second overall among Korean acts. In April, Lim was in fourth place.

Lim Young Woong
(Photo : Lim Young Woong Instagram)

The "My Starry Love" singer has a brand reputation index of 7,016,944. Lim Young Woong's indexes in the four aspects are: 3,052,842 (participation), 2,177,008 (media), 809,460 (communication), and 977,634 (community).

Compared to his brand reputation index of 8,246,240 for April 2020, Lim's May 2021 index fell by 14.91%.

Brave Girls is the Most Popular Female Korean Singer for May 2021

Brave Girls, who took second place on the brand reputation rankings for April 2021, declined to No. 3 on the list for May 2021. Despite that, the girl group - consisting of Minyoung, Eunji, Yujeong, and Yuna - remains the most popular female Korean singer.

Brave Girls
(Photo : Brave Girls Instagram)

The quartet has a brand reputation index of 5,962,784 for this month. Brave Girls has a participation index of 1,737,730, community index of 1,513,137, media index of 1,295,903, and communication index of 1,416,014.

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The female Korean singer's May 2021 brand reputation index is 37.03% lower than their April 2021 index of 9,469,573.

These are the Top 30 Most Popular Korean Singers for May 2021:

  1. BTS
  2. Lim Young Woong
  3. Brave Girls
  4. SG Wannabe
  5. IU
  6. Lee Chan Won
  7. Kang Daniel
  8. Highlight
  10. Young Tak
  11. ITZY
  12. STAYC
  13. Oh My Girl
  14. EXO
  15. Jeong Dong Won
  16. TWICE
  17. NCT
  19. M.C The Max
  20. Girls' Generation Taeyeon
  21. BLACKPINK Rosé
  22. Red Velvet
  23. Song Ga In
  24. Jukjae
  25. Kim Hee Jae
  26. Davichi
  27. Sung Si Kyung
  28. Jang Min Ho
  30. Park Jin Young (J.Y. Park)

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