Mnet 'Kingdom' Episode 10: Six Competing Groups Perform New Songs for Finale + Final Winner Announced

Mnet's "Kingdom" has finally reached its finale, where all six groups took the stage to perform their new songs live. Want to know who was crowned as the final winner? Then, keep on reading!

Mnet "Kingdom" Episode 10: Six Competing Groups Perform New Songs for Live Finale

On June 3, Mnet broadcasted the highly-anticipated live finale of "Kingdom." In this episode, The Boyz, iKON, ATEEZ, SF9, Stray Kids, and BTOB went head-to-head with grand performances of their newly released songs.

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Ahead of the final stage, TVXQ Changmin announced the rankings regarding the digital score of their songs based on the streams and downloads on Apple Music and Gaon Chart. The Boys took first place, and Stray Kids came in second. It was followed by BTOB (3rd), ATEEZ (4th), iKON (5th), and SF9 (6th).

The first group to perform was ATEEZ with their new song "The Real." The track has a harmony between the raging rap and powerful vocals and contains lyrics in various dialects.

Next is Stray Kids, who prepared a stage for "WOLFGANG." This song compares a wolf's habit of hunting in groups to Stray Kids, who has the strong will to reach a goal without hesitation. In their performance, the members appeared to be werewolves.

The Boyz was the one to perform after Stray Kids in Mnet "Kingdom" Episode 10. Their new track "Kingdom Come" depicts their long journey from "Road to Kingdom" (2020) to "Kingdom." The concept of a kingdom can be seen throughout their stage.

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Meanwhile, BTOB revealed the first performance of their new song "Finale (Show and Prove)," where they showcased their explosive vocal skills. Member Minhyuk was the one who produced this track, which stands out with the boldness of shouting out BTOB to the whole world and inviting people to join them in their own world.

iKON comes next with their new release "At Ease," which the group described being a song with a message that people who are tired of their boring daily life and the burden of life can relax and rest freely. It was written and composed by WINNER Mino.

The last to perform during Mnet's "Kingdom" Episode 10 is SF9. The group unveiled the stage for their track "Believer" which goes with a white and black concept. It is a song with EDM/trap sound and illustrates the story of overcoming darkness through trust in yourself and people who believe in you.

Following the epic performances for the finale of Mnet's "Kingdom," one member from each team came together for a special track. BTOB Eunkwang, iKON Donghyuk, The Boyz Hyunjae, ATEEZ Jongho, Stray Kids Seungmin, and SF9 Inseong performed the new song "A Boy's Diary."

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Mnet "Kingdom" Episode 10: Final Winner Announced

The final round of the contest was worth a total of 50,000 points, 60% of which was determined wholly by the votes cast during the live broadcast. The remaining 40% involves the digital score of the six new songs.

Following the final tally of the live votes from fans, host TVXQ Changmin announced that the final winner of "Kingdom: Legendary War" is Stray Kids. The Boyz took second place, ATEEZ in third, BTOB in fourth, iKON in fifth, and SF9 in sixth.

Congratulations to Stray Kids and Stay!

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