LIGHTSUM Han Chowon Reveals Her True Feelings about ‘Produce 48’ Voting Manipulation

During LIGHTSUM's online showcase on Jun. 10, member Han Chowon reveals how she felt following the voting manipulation scandal of "Produce 48." Keep on reading for all the details.

LIGHTSUM Han Chowon Reveals How She Actually Feels about 'Produce 48' Voting Manipulation

On Thursday, Jun. 10, LIGHTSUM held an online media showcase for the release of their debut single, "Vanilla." There, member Han Chowon was asked how she felt about the "Produce 48" voting manipulation scandal.

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"It would be a lie to say that I didn't feel disappointment or lost," Han Chowon confessed. She revealed that at the time, she was very resentful and embarrassed over the situation. However, she was able to get rid of these negative feelings thanks to her fellow LIGHTSUM members.

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Han Chowon expressed her happiness to be debuting with LIGHTSUM, especially Nayoung and Yujeong, who both competed in "Produce 48" alongside Han Chowon. As the three were never in the same group during their time on the Mnet survival program, Han Chowon expressed her desire to show their good side to fans.

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"I want to repay those who waited for my debut and continued to support me," Han Chowon stated.

LIGHTSUM Han Chowon Was Unfairly Eliminated From "Produce 48"

Back on Nov. 18, 2020, the court revealed the list of eliminated contestants due to unfair voting manipulation. There, it was revealed that Han Chowon was unfairly eliminated during the finale.

Before the "Produce 48" results were manipulated, Han Chowon ranked 6th place. If the votes were not manipulated, she would have debuted in IZ*ONE.

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However, due to Mnet's vote manipulation, the live broadcast showed her finish the show at number 13th. As IZ*ONE's contract had a twelve-member line-up, this means that Han Chowon narrowly missed the cut to join the project girl group.

After the program, Han Chowon returned to CUBE Entertainment as a trainee. In Aug. 2019, she signed an official artist contract with the label, which foreshadowed her debut with LIGHTSUM.

Prior to her debut with LIGHTSUM, Han Chowon starred in the film "Bully Bad Guys."


LIGHTSUM is an eight-member girl group under CUBE Entertainment that debuted on Jun. 10, 2021, with the single "Vanilla."

CUBE Entertainment first introduced the girl group on Apr. 15, 2021. The company released an intro video on the group's social media accounts, announcing their name and logo. That day, the company revealed that they were planning to debut the group within the first half of 2021.

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On Apr. 19, Sanah and Juhyeon were revealed as the group's first and second members. Chowon and Jian followed them as the third and fourth members on Apr. 20.. Nayoung and Huiyeon were named the fifth and sixth members on Apr. 21, while Hina and Yujeong were named the seventh and eighth members.

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