Source Music Apologizes for Lack of Communication With Fans Regarding GFRIEND's Disbandment and Problem on Membership Refunds

On June 11, Source Music released a follow-up statement sending their apologies to fans for not being able to communicate with them properly upon the sudden announcement of GFRIEND's disbandment, as well as for the problem experienced during the refund process on membership.

Source Music Apologizes for Lack of Communication with Fans about GFRIEND's Disbandment

On the released statement, Source Music acknowledged and apologized for being unable to talk to the fans about GFRIEND's disbandment, following the expirations of exclusive contracts of Yuju, Eunha, SinB, Umji, Yerin, and Sowon with the label.

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"We sincerely apologize for not being able to carefully take follow-up measures related to the expiration of the group's exclusive contract, and above all, for disappointing fans for being unable to understand their sadness over the news," the company said.

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Source Music added that the discussion with GFRIEND members about contract renewals continued until the very end of the contract expiration date, which is May 22. They said that there was not enough time to sort out a series of issues related to the conclusion of contracts.

"Nevertheless, we should have ended it well, and so we apologize again for causing a deep disappointment to the fans," the label continued.

Source Music Apologizes for the Problem on Membership Refunds

Another issue that Source Music discussed in their statement is the complication that took place during the refund process on the fan club membership.

On June 9, Weverse began communicating with GFRIEND's fans one by one telling them that they will give out cash refunds. However, a major error occurred on the part of the platform.

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As the refund process commenced, Weverse forgot to restrict the details input on the refund forms. This caused people who access the link to see the details of BUDDYs (GFRIEND's fan club) who had already applied for refunds. Thankfully, the error was eventually fixed and the information were turned private.

Regarding this, Source Music apologized for accidentally leaking some fans' personal information.

"With regards to the membership operation, some tasks related to the processing of personal details are entrusted to Weverse, so it is thoroughly managed as a personal information processing consignor. It should have been supervised, and so we apologize for neglecting it," the agency said.

In addition to this, GFRIEND's agency also addressed the concerns of BUDDYs about the refund policy on Weverse. It was previously announced that instead of getting the membership fee back in actual cash, fans will receive Weverse Cash or credit points.

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While Weverse Cash can be used to purchase goods and services, many fans find it nonsense since their favorite group is being taken off the platform. Hence, they don't have anything to spend their Weverse Cash on.

In response to this, Source Music explained that the kind of cash refund was adopted since it is impossible to cancel the consistent payment by credit card companies, and there is a possibility of financial accidents such as account number errors in the process or large-scale redemption.

But then again, Source Music acknowledged it as an inappropriate measure.

Finally, GFRIEND's company apologized for the insufficient response and consideration of the customer center during the cash refund guidance to the fans.

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