MAMAMOO's Wheein Ends Exclusive Contract With RBW — Is She Still in MAMAMOO?

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RBW has confirmed that Wheein has ended her exclusive contract with the company and shares the singer's future plans with MAMAMOO.

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Wheein Ends Exclusive Contract with RBW, to Continue MAMAMOO Activities Until 2023

Following the reports stating that MAMAMOO's Wheein is reportedly not renewing contracts with her company, RBW, the company finally confirms the news on June 11, KST.

On June 11, RBW released a statement and said that Wheein had been discussing with the company in-depth for a long time from various angles but ultimately decided not to renew the contract. In addition, Wheein's exclusive contract with the company will be expiring soon. "We fully respect Wheein's choices and sincerely wish Wheein happiness and good fortune on a new starting line," RBW said.

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Regarding the future activities of MAMAMOO, specifically, Wheein's with the group, RBW reveals that Wheein has signed an amicable extension of agreement with the company until December 2023, where she will continue her activities with the group, including content production such as MAMAMOO's new album and concerts. RBW plans to provide detailed information regarding the group's future activities soon.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO's three other members, Solar, Moonbyul, and Hwasa, have renewed their contracts with RBW.

The news of Wheein's pending departure from the company was reported back on June 9 through an exclusive report of Sports Trend. At the time, RBW said that nothing has been decided yet and that the situation was still under final discussion. RBW said that they would announce the results of the discussion within two days.

Wheein's Activities With MAMAMOO to Her Solo Career

Wheein debuted as a member of MAMAMOO in 2014 with Hwasa, Moonbyul, and Solar. At the time, they garnered great attention as soon as they made their debut with their alluring voice, rich singing abilities, and outstanding performances.

Since then, MAMAMOO has been recognized as South Korea's representative girl group by making numerous hit songs with every release, such as "Oh Ah Yeh," "Decalcomanie," "HIP," "You're The Best," "Gogobebe," among many others.

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Wheein also successfully completed her solo debut back in April. She released her first mini-album "Redd" and showed her charting power by snagging the top spots in domestic and foreign music charts. In addition, she also proved her potential as a top singer in the nation by participating in numerous collaboration albums with various singers and lended her voice for various drama OSTs.

The news of Wheein ending her exclusive contract with RBW is attracting keen interest within the music industry, where the interest is focused on where Wheein will be building a new start to her solo career, who has proven her potential in various fields.

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