APRIL's Jinsol and Naeun Deny Bullying Claims Against Former Member Hyunjoo in Personal Statements

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Jinsol and Naeun have finally spoken up about the bullying claims against Hyunjoo.

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APRIL's Jinsol Denies Bullying Hyunjoo

On June 11 KST, APRIL's Jinsol uploaded on her Instagram account a personal statement regarding the controversy that has been surrounding her and the group that claims they have bullied the former APRIL member, Hyunjoo.

The post is also accompanied by a picture of a letter by Hyunjoo, which was given to Jinsol back in 2016. In the letter, it suggests that the two had a positive relationship and that Jinsol probably had a difficult time during their group's promotions and activities.

In the statement made by Jinsol, the APRIL member denies bullying Hyunjoo. She starts off by apologizing to fans and explains that the reason she has been silent this entire time is due to the legal steps that they have been taking. In addition, they couldn't release their personal statements and could only do so after having a long discussion with their company, DSP Media.

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Jinsol then recalls the time she spent with the Hyunjoo, when she joined the company in February 2015 and was confirmed for debut. Without having time to get used to it, Jinsol had to follow the rules and routines set for the debut team and was extremely busy practicing.

"As the members [of the debut team] were confirmed, we just simply practice and go back and forth between our dorms and the practice rooms as excursions or day-offs were not allowed," said Jinsol.

During that time, Jinsol and most of the members lived as a group in a dorm for a few months without knowing each other. In the process of getting to know each other, Jinsol said she rarely ran into Hyunjoo, as Hyunjoo barely showed up to practice and did not come to the dorms often. Jinsol adds that she only saw Hyunjoo during schedules.

"Because of that, I didn't get many chances to have personal conversations with the former member. But despite that, there were definitely times where we both had tried to get to know and take care of each other," said Jinsol.

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Jinsol then says that although it was only a small portion of time, she is sad to have to write the statement as she treasured the memories from back then. She ends her statement by saying that she had never had any malicious emotions towards Hyunjoo nor has she acted maliciously, and thanks fans for waiting and trusting her despite the long silence.

APRIL's Naeun Denies Bullying Hyunjoo

On the same day, prior to Jinsol's statement, fellow APRIL member Naeun also released her personal statement on the group's official fan cafe, where she also denies having bullied Hyunjoo.

Naeun also explains why she hasn't released a statement, and states that it was because she trusted APRIL and was waiting for the company's response. She adds that she didn't think it was appropriate for an individual to respond for the whole team. However, she decided to release a statement as it is in her place to say something to her fans who may be believe something that is different from the truth and in order to prevent further speculation.

"I didn't want to mention about everything that has happendd, but I didn't do any of that... none. I really wanted to say this one thing," said Naeun.

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Naeun says that she thought she should be careful talking about things that had happened in the past until now. Talking about the past and sharing the feelings and emotions that she has experienced as a girl group member is difficult.

She also recalls the time when she joined as a trainee when she was 17 years old back in May 2015. Naeun had only trained for three months before she made her debut in August. "It was my own responsibility to adapt to unfamiliar situations that may rise. Since I made my debut at a young age, I was inexperienced in many things and clumy," said Naeun.

After seven years of promotions, she wanted to show everyone a Lee Naeun who is honest. Although she was embarrassed to express her honest feelings, she was able to approach her fans because of the love she received.

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"Through this incident, I was able to learn the weight that came with being a public figure. It is all about preservering and working hard at every moment to make your dreams come true," said Naeun.

As a result of the incident, Naeun began asking herself whether she was lacking a lot, and her answer made her think that she should be a more confident person. She ends her statement by saying that she will love herself more and be closer to fans as a public figure, and thanks fans for trusting and waiting for her.

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