LIGHTSUM Hina Dubbed as the ‘Next TWICE Sana’

Though LIGHTSUM debuted just five days ago on Jun. 10, one member is already catching people's attention. Hina, the group's Japanese member, is slowly becoming known as the next TWICE's Sana! 

LIGHTSUM Hina Nicknamed the "Next TWICE Sana"

CUBE Entertainment's latest girl group, LIGHTSUM, made their debut on Jun. 10 with the single "Vanilla." As the sister group to CLC and (G)I-DLE, LIGHTSUM has received much attention from both domestic and international fans.

Among the eight members of the group, one that is attracting the most attention is Hina, LIGHTSUM's Japanese member!

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The idol is turning heads due to her stunning visuals and is being praised as one of the prettiest Japanese idols in K-pop.

Hina, whose real name is Nagai Hina, was born in 2003 and is the group's sub-vocal. Upon debut, she is one of the members who stood out thanks to her visuals, which netizens state is both lovely and sweet. The idol also caught attention for her ability to speak Korean fluently.

(Photo : LIGHTSUM Twitter)

Many have compared Hina's visuals to ITZY member Yuna and STAYC member Sumin.

Many are claiming the idol will be the "next Sana" (from TWICE). Why? Because of her sweet and feminine beauty! Many believe the idol possesses a charm that only she has, and it is speculated that she will be one of the most famous Japanese K-pop idols of the fourth generation.

Coincidentally, Hina is a self-confessed TWICE fan and has even stated that Sana is her role model! Hina has gone to several TWICE concerts and has even attended fan signs and hi-touch events in the past.

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Despite just having debuted, Hina is already dubbed as one of the fourth generation's goddesses! What do you think of Hina and LIGHTSUM? Tell us in the comments below!

LIGHTSUM's Recent Activities

LIGHTSUM made their debut under CUBE Entertainment on Jun. 10, 2021, with the single "Vanilla." The group consists of eight members: Sanah, Jihyeon, Chowon, Jian, Nayoung, Huihyeon, Hina, and Yujeong.

(Photo : LIGHTSUM Twitter)

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The group was first introduced on Apr. 15, 2021. CUBE Entertainment released an introductory video of the group to their social media accounts, unveiling their name and logo. On that day, CUBE Entertainment revealed their plans to debut a new girl group within the first half of 2021.

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Sanah and Juhyeon were revealed as LIGHTSUM's first and second members on Apr. 19. On Apr. 20, Chowon and Jian were unveiled as the third and fourth members of the group. On Apr. 21, the fifth and sixth members were revealed to be Nayoung and Huihyeon. Finally, on Apr. 22, Hina and Yujeong were revealed as LIGHTSUM's seventh and eighth members.

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