TWICE Criticized for Unstable Singing During Encore Stage for ‘Alcohol-Free’

TWICE's encore stage for SBS's music show "Inkigayo" is being criticized for the girl's unstable singing.

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TWICE Criticized for Unstable Singing During Encore Stage for ‘Alcohol-Free’
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TWICE Earns Criticism for Unstable Singing of 'Alcohol-Free'

On Sunday, Jun. 20, TWICE won number one on SBS's popular music program "Inkigayo" with their latest song, "Alcohol-Free."

On this day, TWICE won against aespa and Heize with a score of 7,002. As the girls accepted their trophy and bowed, member Tzuyu gave their speech and made sure to thanks their fans, ONCEs, their staff, and their company for helping them secure this music show win.

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When the music came in for their encore stage, the members were seen walking around, waving at the cameras to get ready to sing. Viewers noted how the members appeared to smile awkwardly as they prepared to sing, which led them to speculate that the girls were nervous about singing for this encore stage.

People had high expectations for the girl's encore stage, as they received praise when they won their first music show win for "Alcohol-Free" on "M Countdown."

Sadly, their encore stage was met with criticism. Notably, while singing, both Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon's voices cracked during their parts. Chaeyoung was seen laughing after her part ended.

(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

While some members, like Nayeon and Jihyo, were praised for their vocals, many agreed that the overall encore stage was disappointing. In addition, viewers pointed out that TWICE debuted back in 2015 and has been promoting for six years now, but their skills do not appear to be getting better.

"Their fans must be having a hard time since they have to shield the members since they cannot sing," someone commented concerning their encore stage. As TWICE has recently been getting praise for their live vocals, many are disappointed over this performance.

However, some people also defended TWICE. Fans noted that it was disgusting how people were quick to criticize TWICE over minor mistakes, with many wondering why people always expect perfection from the group.

Others simply hoped TWICE would better their skills, earn more money, and be happy.

Check out their encore stage for "Alcohol-Free" on SBS's "Inkigayo" here:

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TWICE Makes Much-Anticipated Comeback With "Alcohol-Free"

TWICE finally returned to the music scene on Jun. 9 with the release of their latest song, "Alcohol-Free." The track is the lead single from TWICE's tenth mini-album, "Taste of Love," which was officially dropped on Jun. 11.

"Alcohol-Free" is a bright summer dance track song incorporating hip-hop and bossa nova, perfectly flaunting the JYP Entertainment girl group's distinctive colors.

Lyrically, "Alcohol-Free" reminisces on the memories of falling in love and comparing these moments with references to alcoholic beverages and cocktails.

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"Alcohol-Free" is 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, and its tempo is 97 beats per minute. "Alcohol-Free" is composed on the note of G-sharp major.

TWICE performed "Alcohol-Free" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to promote the song on Jun. 9. Since then, TIWCE has already won two music show trophies for the song.

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