Girls' Generation Taeyeon Discloses Why She Uploads One Photo Per Day on Instagram

On Instagram, Girls' Generation Taeyeon would share one photo each day. The vocalis then, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, revealed the reason she does so, and it would surely warm fans' hearts!

(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

Girls' Generation Taeyeon Reveals the Reason for Sharing One Picture Every Day on Instagram

Taeyeon, who decorated the cover of the July issue of Cosmopolitan, revealed her inner, honest feelings in an interview that was included in the magazine's new release.

The July 2021 issue of Cosmopolitan featuring Taeyeon on the cover was officially launched on June 22.

One of the questions asked to Girls' Generation Taeyeon was related to her communication with fans on Instagram.

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The "Fine" singer said that she thinks that communicating with fans is one of the things she must do.

Taeyeon continued, "It's a lonely thing to be in a position where you have to wait for someone and not be able to communicate with them. I don't want the fans to feel that way."

Girls' Generation Taeyeon further stated that she knows that kind of feeling because she would often suffer from loneliness.

Because of this, Taeyeon would always post something on Instagram every day. "At least one day selfie, or even a photo of Zero (her pet dog's name)," she added.

(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

Girls' Generation Taeyeon also shared with Cosmopolitan that as time goes on, more and more fans seem to grow older with her.

The "Happy" singer went on to say, "I am so grateful to the fans who have liked me for a long time, and I think I am still in the industry now thanks to those people. It feels like we have become friends."

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This only goes to show how Girls' Generation Taeyeon cherishes her fans and considers their feelings, especially at times when she doesn't have single or album promotions and scheduled activities.

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Girls' Generation Taeyeon Talks about Goals as an Artist and Finding Herself

During the interview with Cosmopolitan, Girls' Generation Taeyeon shared her goals as an artist. The main vocalist said that she hopes to make music that would have a positive influence on listeners.

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Taeyeon continued that she wants to sing songs that can provide strength to people like vitamins. Hence, she would prefer to sing bright and cheerful songs.

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Girls' Generation Taeyeon also unveiled that she recently spent some time thinking about who she is as a person and an artist.

Taeyeon told Cosmopolitan that she had been spending her time at home writing in her diary and thinking about herself.

(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

She then looked back in the past when she made her solo debut. Girls' Generation's main vocalist said that when she first made her solo debut, she was worried about the kind of color she should show as an artist.

Girls' Generation Taeyeon then said that she now feels relaxed enough to reminisce about her past self. She added that she thinks she is finally starting to know what kind of person she is.

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