Former AOA Member Mina to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Netizens Following News of Relationship

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Following the news of her relationship, Mina will be taking legal action against malicious netizens and their comments.

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Former AOA Member Mina and Boyfriend Accused of Cheating

Back on June 26, former AOA member Mina took to her Instagram account to announce that she is in a relationship, with numerous netizens - both domestic and international - have congratulated the couple and showing their support for Mina. However, Mina and her boyfriend have become embroiled in a cheating controversy after a netizen claimed so.

A few hours after Mina's relationship announcement, a netizen (hereafter referred to as "A") made a post on a community forum claiming that Mina's boyfriend was cheating on the friend of "A." They further explained that while many are guessing Mina's boyfriend to be Japanese, he is actually a Korean.

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"A," said that their friend and Mina's boyfriend were about to celebrate their 1000th day of being together, however, it started getting difficult contacting him. Eventually, "A" and their friend found out about him on Mina's Instagram after the singer posted their photo together.

"A" also claimed that Mina was the first one to contact her boyfriend through direct messages (DM) and knew that he had a girlfriend already. In addition, the friend of "A" and Mina's boyfriend had a lot of followers and had a public relationship. "A" also claimed that Mina's boyfriend only sent an "I'm sorry" to his girlfriend and cut the relationship.

"A" added that the girlfriend had been studying abroad in England and had just returned to be with her boyfriend. Additionally, the couple had been living together prior to Mina's Instagram photo. "A" also shared a conversation between Mina and her boyfriend, which shows Mina requesting for a drawing from him while complimenting his relationship - which meant that she was aware that he had a girlfriend.

On the same day, another netizen (hereafter referred to as "B") who claims to be an acquaintance of Mina's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend made a post that supported "A"'s accusations. According to the post, "B" was best friends with the ex-girlfriend, who became worried after losing contact with her boyfriend, who said that he would have a sleepover, and the following day, the photo of Mina and her boyfriend was posted.

Although Mina said that her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend broke up prior to their relationship, "B" claimed that they never did and that the ex-girlfriend just knew that they were talking. "B" also claimed that Mina's boyfriend had pictures of his ex-girlfriend on his Instagram - with his ID handle being that of a couple's just a few hours before the relationship announcement - which meant that they never broke up.

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"B" also pointed out that Mina's boyfriend made an official post on his own Instagram, which they claimed is a blatant lie, and that everything Mina and her boyfriend is saying are lies and that her friend is the sole victim in the situation.

At around 10:20 pm on June 26, KST, Mina's boyfriend reportedly changed his Instagram handle and made his account private.

Mina Denies the Claims, to Take Legal Action Against Malicious Netizens

Prior to the accusations made by "B," Mina had released a statement to address the claims of "A." Mina explains that at first, her boyfriend had sent her a message of support, and later she requested for a drawing. At the time, she was aware that he had a girlfriend, however, he and his girlfriend already had concerns about their relationship.

The two eventually started talking to each other and realized that they had things in common, as well as have good feelings for each other. Mina then told him that she's interested in dating him if he ever breaks up with his girlfriend. Mina also defended her relationship, stating that her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend's relationship already wasn't good and that his heart was already closed.

Mina's boyfriend then told her that he had settled the relationship, and they began dating. Mina added that her boyfriend did not suddenly stop contacting his ex-girlfriend, and he hasn't even been contacted until now. In addition, the ex-girlfriend is not answering Mina's calls.

On June 27, Mina made another post as she continued to defend herself and her boyfriend, as well as announce she is taking legal action.

"I will be making my Insta private soon, and I have gathered all of your comments and false information. I have also contacted the ex-girlfriend and she denied the stories. Because of this, people are even mentioning about other things. I will be taking legal action against those false information and defamations," Mina said.

Mina also condemns the netizens who have turned her into someone who seduces men through DMs and is turning her into the perpetrator in the other incidents that have happened so far. She also adds that for the past three and a half years, she and her boyfriend had met and dated other people and that just because some people broke up, it is not her responsibility to care about who got more hurt.

In a second post, she told netizens to sue her if they think she had done something wrong and that she will also be taking legal action against the alleged acquaintance of the ex-girlfriend who made the initial post. She adds that her boyfriend had already left his ex-girlfriend emotionally after three years and found someone new, and asks if the people who had dated her before aren't allowed to date, other people.

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