Male Celebrities Involved in Criminal Charges Won't be Allowed to Seek Refuge in Military Amid Investigations

As there is a growing number of male celebrities with criminal charges, the government is making some changes in their military laws. 

On June 28 KST, it was reported by Korean media outlet, Insight, that there are changes being made in the second half of 2021 in regards to Korean males' mandatory military enlistment. 

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Military Manpower Administration Can Postpone Enlistment Up to a Year 

According to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, beginning next month on July 14, a military officer's enlistment date may be postponed at the request of the head of an investigation agency, and who are undergoing investigations on criminal charges.

However, this is only applicable to those who are under investigation for criminal acts that are punishable by imprisonment, and only if the head of the investigation agency requests a postponement on the said person's enlistment date.

The head of the regional Military Manpower Administration may delay the enlistment of the person up to one year in order to continue the investigation.

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Former BIGBANG's Seungri, involved in the Burning Sun scandal

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Male Celebrities Involved in Criminal Charges Will Not Be Allowed to Seek Refuge in the Military Amid Investigations 

According to Insight, the new change in the military law is a response and safety measure to prevent male celebrities, such as former BIGBANG member Seungri and actor Lee Seo Won - out of many others - who have been charged with criminal acts and sought refuge in the military by enlisting, from enlisting while being investigated.

As there seems to be an increase in male celebrities who have criminal charges immediately enlisting for their mandatory military service as an attempt to evade their ongoing investigations, changes had to be made.

In addition, it is likely that these male celebrities are enlisting immediately due to the perception that there is a possibility their sentence in the military court will be lighter as opposed to that of the civil court, as they use the sense of duty for national defense as a means to reflect and atone for their crimes - giving them a lighter sentence.

Lee Seo Won
(Photo : News1)
Actor Lee Seo Won, charged for sexual harassment and intimidation

The Military Manpower Administration explained that previously, those who enlist while undergoing investigation have their investigations cut off as it can distract them from their ongoing military service.

Meanwhile, Seungri had enlisted for his mandatory military service during the investigation of the Burning Sun scandal in 2020, while Lee Seo Won had quietly enlisted for his military service during his ongoing investigation on the charges of sexual harassment and intimidation back in 2018.

What are your thoughts on the changes made?

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