'Running Man' Star Ji Seok Jin Praises BTS Jin's Personality After Apologizing to Him

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Ji Seok Jin has nothing but praise for Jin after he messaged him!

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"Running Man" Star Ji Seok Jin Praises BTS Jin's Personality After Apologizing to Him

Back on July 3, "Running Man" star "Race Starter" Ji Seok Jin uploaded a new video on his official Youtube channel, Jeeseokjin World. In the video, Ji Seok Jin was seen purchasing an album by BTS at a record store, and going to McDonald's to try the group's collaboration meal, "BTS Meal," with the mega fast food chain. He also shared the sweet response he got from BTS' Jin after talking about Ji Seok Jin's recent cover of the group's song "Dynamite."

While at the record store, Ji Seok Jin was looking through the selection of BTS albums available, particularly the group's album "BE" that was released just last November 2020. Included in this album is BTS' hit English single, "Dynamite," which was released in the same year in August 2020.

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Ji Seok Jin then mentioned that he had sang a cover of the song while appearing on the MBC variety show "Hangout With Yoo," which stars the "Nation's MC," Yoo Jae Suk. During his appearance on the show, Ji Seok Jin made everyone laugh out loud with his hilarious and messy cover of "Dynamite."

Ji Seok Jin then admits that he had messed up singing the song "so badly," and that it was actually his first time singing the song, that's why it wasn't easy for him. He then reveals that he actually apologized to the "Dynamite" singer Jin afterwards.

"I had something to say to Jin after my cover [of "Dynamite"] was released, so I texted him. That's when I had the chance to text Jin and I said I was sorry for ruining a great song," said Ji Seok Jin as he apologized for singing the song bad.

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Ji Seok Jin then reveals what Jin had told him, "If that helps the song even a bit, I am rather thankful for that," said Jin. Upon hearing Jin's response, Ji Seok Jin had nothing but praise for the BTS member.

"His personality is the best [...] His words really touched my heart. I have great respect for him," added Ji Seok Jin.

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Check out the video here, topic starts at the 3:05 mark:

BTS' "Black Swan" Music Video Surpasses 300 Million Views

On July 7, BTS' music video for "Black Swan" had surpassed 300 million views at approximately 9:54am KST. "Black Swan," which was released back on March 4, 2020, took around one year, four months, and two days to achieve this milestone.

In addition, this also marks BTS' 17th music video to have surpassed 300 million views after "DNA," "Dope," "IDOL," "Fire," "Blood Sweat & Tears," "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)," "Save Me," "Fake Love," "Boy With Luv," "Spring Day," "Not Today," "Boy In Luv," "Dynamite," "ON," "Life Goes On," and "Butter."

Congratulations to BTS!

Check out "Black Swan" here:

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