BTS V Becomes the First-Ever K-pop Soloist to Have Multiple Songs with Over 80 Million Streams on SoundCloud

BTS V has claimed the title of the first K-pop soloist to have more than one solo track with more than 80 million streams on SoundCloud!

On July 9, another self-composed song by Kim Taehyung (V's real name) has surpassed the 80-million mark on the said platform.

With this, BTS's vocalist has set the record for the K-pop solo artist with multiple songs exceeding that number of streams on SoundCloud.

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BTS V is the First K-pop Soloist to Have Multiple Songs Surpassing 80 Million Streams on SoundCloud

"4 O'CLOCK," which BTS V wrote, composed, and produced with bandmate RM, recently surpassed 80 million SoundCloud streams.

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"4 O'CLOCK" is a duet of the said two BTS members and was released for the group's 2017 FESTA. This track has been steadily loved as it is frequently used as the background music in broadcasts.

In an interview, dropped for their 2021 FESTA, Kim Taehyung revealed that he wrote "4 O'CLOCK" because it was the time when he met Jimin at the park after their iconic "dumpling incident."

Before "4 O'CLOCK," BTS V has already had two other self-composed songs to hit more than 80 million streams on SoundCloud.

Taehyung's first self-written song, "Scenery," released in January 2019, is his first solo track to reach the milestone on the platform.

At the time of the song's release, it already set an all-time record for the most likes in 24 hours among the tracks on SoundCloud. It also set the record for the shortest time to reach 100 million streams, being able to do so in only 15 days.

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The American media Elite Daily praised BTS V's "Scenery" by saying that the song contains a soft and emotional atmosphere.

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The second self-composed song by Kim Taehyung with over 80 million streams is "Winter Bear."

V's "Winter Bear," which was a surprise release in August 2019, is a track that shows off his own music world with calm and warm lyrics, the sound of an acoustic guitar, and his unique singing style.

"Winter Bear" has reached 138 million streams on SoundCloud so far, and its music video has surpassed 75 million views on YouTube.

With all of his self-composed songs, BTS V has become the first K-pop solo artist to have three songs with more than 80 million streams on SoundCloud.

Congratulations to Kim Taehyung!

BTS V Shares What Genre They Want the Group to Try in the Future

In an interview with Amazon Music on July 8, Jaeki Cho talked to BTS on various topics, including the genre of music they wanted to try next.

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Taehyung shared that he wants to try a "jazzy" song with his members. He added that it would be cool if they sing the lines like they are talking or whispering the melody.

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BTS V further stated that he wants to try something similar to the rap line, delivering the lines as if they were talking.

Previously, BTS V released "Singularity," a song exuding a jazz vibe with R&B and neo-soul. If the group's future release would sound like this, it's bound to be well-received by fans.

What genre would you like BTS to try in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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