Japanese Plastic Surgeon Praises TWICE Tzuyu for Her Natural Beauty

Japanese plastic surgeon Mikiya Takasu praised TWICE Tzuyu for her natural beauty in a video uploaded to her YouTube channel. Keep on reading for all the details.

Japanese Plastic Surgeon Praises TWICE Tzuyu For Her Natural Beauty
(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Japanese Plastic Surgeon Lauds TWICE Tzuyu for Her Natural Beauty

Mikiya Takasu, director of a famous Japanese plastic surgery clinic in Nagoya, revealed in a YouTube video that TWICE member Tzuyu is one of the top ten female artists chosen by clients as their model when coming to his clinic.

Although Tzuyu ranked 7th on the list overall, the plastic surgeon still praised Tzuyu and her model-like appearance.

According to Mikiya Takasu, Tzuyu's features are very balanced and are close to the golden ratio. Her facial features are very harmonious, and her facial contour is perfect.

In addition, the surgeon notes that her nose is perfect and proportionate, and her double eyelids are very pretty.

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"Basically, all the parts of her face match well," the surgeon wraps up.

Unfortunately, most women do not have features like Tzuyu, and the plastic surgeon states that it is usually impossible to conduct procedures to look like the idol.

Why? Because no amount of cosmetic surgery can achieve what Tzuyu has naturally!

(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

As mentioned, Tzuyu ranked at number seven on the list. Tzuyu is the only K-pop star and the only foreigner to be mentioned by Mikiya Takasu.

The other nine beauties mentioned — Hashimoto Kanna, Hirose Suzu, Kirara Asuka, Nozomi Sasaki, Minami Hamabe, Asuka Saito, Meru Nukumi, Tenka Hashimoto, and Yoshioka Riho — are all famous Japanese celebrities.

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Many fans agreed with Mikiya Takasu's statements, as this is not the first time TWICE's visual maknae has been complimented by plastic surgeons for her visuals.

In 2020, a group of plastic surgeons in South Korea praised the idol's harmonious features, saying that Tzuyu has the most complete and balanced beauty in TWICE.

(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

The female idol, born in Taiwan in 1999, also regularly appeared on numerous online community forums thanks to her outstanding visuals. Despite being a foreigner, Tzuyu's beauty is enthusiastically adored by Korean fans.

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