These 8 K-Pop Songs Would Be Perfect OSTs for These Hit K-Dramas

Have you ever watched a K-drama and discovered it perfectly matches your favorite K-pop song? Here are six K-pop tracks that would be perfect OSTs for hit K-dramas!

1. "Doom at Your Service" — 2PM "Make It"

It is not just the song that suits "Doom at Your Service" — even the music video for 2PM's "Make It" perfectly fits the drama!

"Doom at Your Service" includes many scenes in which big and small accidents occur due to Myul Mang, such as car crashes and broken water pipes.

Likewise, 2PM's "Make It" features similar scenes, showing destruction surrounding the idols despite singing about love.

2. "Nevertheless" — ENHYPEN "Fever"

"Nevertheless" follows the dangerous flirtation between university students Yoo Na Bi (Han Seo Hee) and Park Jae Eon (Song Kang). Jae Eon's attention on Na Bi is like a disease... or a "FEVER"?

ENHYPEN's song perfectly fits the drama's suspense, as the song talks about attraction and the burning feeling one has due to these emotions.

3. "The Devil Judge" — ONEUS "BLACK MIRROR"

Both "The Devil Judge" and ONEUS's "BLACK MIRROR" paints a world in which people cannot tell what is real from what is fake. The song perfectly compliments the drama in its exploration of the digital age and seeking what the truth is.

But, can we trust what is on screen? Both "The Devil Judge" and "BLACK MIRROR" raise these questions.

4. "My Roommate is a Gumiho" — TO1 "Son of Beast"

This one makes sense, right? "Son of Beast" perfectly suits "My Roommate is a Gumiho," a drama that talks about a 999-year-old nine-tailed fox named Shin Woo Yeo.

Woo Yeo has an elegant charm and a wise understanding of the world around him. TO1's song perfectly fits the character's confidence while also adding a mysterious allure to him.

5. "Youth of May" — E'LAST U "The Beginning of Spring"

E'LAST U's sweet and melancholic song "The Beginning of Spring" perfectly matches "Youth of May," a drama that revolves around the love story of Kim Myung Hee and Hwang Hee Tae during the 1980 Gwangju Democracy Movement. The song depicts the beauty and sadness of a fated yet troubled love, which matches the relationship between the two male leads.

6. "The Penthouse 3" — Sunmi "Tail"

Sunmi's "TAIL" revolves around the concept of instinct, which perfectly encompasses the concepts tackled in "The Penthouse 3" — greed, revenge, bloodlust, and list. The song and the drama refer to power struggles, though Sunmi's song tackles the issue more subtly than the SBS drama.

7. "Vincenzo" — ITZY "Mafia in the Morning"

"Vincenzo" revolves around a Korean boy who was adopted into an Italian mafia. So does it not make sense that ITZY's "Mafia in the Morning," which revolves around the mafia theme, perfectly suits this drama? The K-pop song lyrically talks about stealing someone's heart at night and refusing to play by the rules.

Likewise, in "Vincenzo," the main character refuses to stick by the rules when defeating bad guys who have harmed or stolen from him.

8. "Taxi Driver" — LOONA "PTT (Pain the Town)"

"PTT (Paint the Town)" by LOONA is the perfect song to listen to while trying to catch criminals at night on the highway! The fast-paced melody of the song perfectly matches the action thriller "Taxi Driver." Furthermore, the song revolves around the topic of being unstoppable, which perfectly fits Kim Do Ki's (Lee Je Hoon) drive to capture criminals and avenge victims who have suffered injustices.

Know any other K-pop songs that could be OSTs for K-dramas? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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